I want to shave his head.


So, (as my friend David astutely observed) I’m pretty sure tonight AI is going to announce that they’re changing to the So You Think You Can Dance bottom 3 format (where the judges can save their faves during the first few weeks of the finals.)    This is particularly upsetting to me, because it means that the asshat pictured above is going to be around a lot longer than I had hoped.

In other news…I still love Alexis Grace and Matt Girard, and while I was disappointed in Allison Iraheta’s performance, I am still wildly dancing around in my kitchen to echos of her killer Hart rendition from the top 36 round.   Also, I always forget about Lil Rounds until I see her on the show, and each time is a pleasant reminder that she’s awesome.

People (besides Accutane-Face Minelli) that I’d like to see make a swift exit?   Jasmine Murray, who feels like a remnant from Seasons Past (you know, before the contestants got all savvy) and Megan Corkry (who actually won me over a little with her package, but quickly has me losing faith in the Idol judges when they tried to defend their misguided love of her even after last night’s Rockin’ Robin debacle – please girl, STOP the shimmying!)

I think Michael Sarver might survive a few more weeks on his blue collar charm, but sadly I’m not sure that Anoop Desai did what he needed to do to convince America they missed the boat on him the first time…

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