Idol Time Suck


So, American Idol has taken a little bit of a different approach this season.   Rather than their usual process of elimination to the determine the top twelve, they had viewers vote for the top three from each semi-finalist group (top girl, top boy, and next highest vote-getter) and automatically put those people in their top twelve.   America chose the first nine, and now, as has been the tradition in past seasons, the judges will select an additional 3 to become instant household names.

While many people have complained that this doesn’t give the non-featured contestants a fighting chance, I’ve welcomed the reprieve from the usual inexplicable survival of contestants I grew to loathe during Hollywood Week.   (I’m talking about you, Antonella Barba.)  Sure, this new way of picking the top twelve might have given sob story fan favorites like Danny Goeke and Scotty Mac a free pass to the next round, but I’m pretty certain that they have better voices and longer shelf lives than the Jackie Tohn’s and Brent Keith’s who may have missed their shot because of it.

In fact, so far, this year’s top twelve is the least offensive yet.   The only person I take issue with at all is that annoying Adam Lambert, but I think it’s just because he spends more time on his hair in the morning that I do, and that irritates me for some reason I can’t explain.  (Also, his performance reminded me a little bit of Liza Minelli does Mick Jagger, which would have killed any contestant with a less “current” look.)

This year, however, the judges made some of the aforementioned jilted contestants come back for last night’s wild card picks, only to have their dreams dashed a second time.   Seems kind of harsh.    And to add insult to injury, they put Tatiana Del Toro through, yet again, despite the fact that her introduction on idol made her seem destined to be relegated to the “worst of” reel, and her antics in Hollywood week nearly destroyed two different groups.   This girl is nuts – I don’t care how good her voice is, if I have to hear her sob about how hard she’s worked one more time, I’m going to yank out her ovaries.

Although they failed to give Ju’Not Joyner a second chance (booooooo), while putting through Megan Corkry, who has a decent voice, but gave a run-of-the-mill boring performance while doing a weird little shimmy, they kept me happy by bringing back some of my early favorites such as Matt Girard (a deuling pianist and my top pick who I will be seriously dissapointed if he doesn’t make it through) and Jesse Langseth (who seems to have a co-dependant relationship with her bedazzler and kept me from voting for her when she opened her big mouth during the judging of her Bette Davis Eyes performance – nothing is less appealing to me, watching at home, than sassy back-talk from the contestants – we already know you don’t agree when Simon calls your song choice/vocals/outfit “abysmal.”)

I have to admit I was mildly pleased to see Kristin McNamara leave us once and for all – I don’t know what she had done to her lips, but it made her look like Goldie Hawn on ‘ludes.

So, that’s it.   My first attempt at blogging on Idol.   Although if we’re making suggestions on how to spice things up next season, I sincerly think that the ability to vote people OFF the show rather than ON would make it worlds more interesting.   (Lord knows I would have voted against Adam Lambert and his stupid hair.)

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