Kara Dioguardi: Also a Total Douche Nozzle

kara_dioguardiThere’s a new most hate-worthy person on American Idol, and it’s not one of the contestants.   It’s this bitch.   Kara Dioguardi – to put it kindly, You Suck.  I knew I kind of didn’t like her when she tried to go head to head with Bikini Girl during the audition process…girlfriend, you’re a judge, and she’s an idiot in a Bikini, why on earth would you try to have a sing off with her?   But Kara can’t let shit go.   She has her head so far up her own ass, she will take any opportunity to show us why she should have been an Artist and not just a songwriter.   I’m sure you’re very talented Kara, I think I may have even tapped my foot to a few of your songs, but JESUS CHRIST WOMAN GET OVER YOURSELF.   Everything about her makes me itch.   The way she looks, the way she talks, the way she takes saucy publicity shots like the one above (can’t you just see Cowell posing with his hair all “wind tousled” )…and could she possibly be any more condescending?

Usually, there is nothing I hate more on the show than back-talk from the contestants, but when a contestant back-talks her?  (cough…Anoop…cough…) It just makes me want to pick up the phone and vote for them.

Meanwhile, in other Idol news…this week was refreshing without Megan Joy and her stupid shimmy, and even Adam Lambert managed not to tickle my gag-reflex with his wisely chosen performance of Mad World.   Matt Giraud finally found a song that suited him (he’s officially my favorite since Alexis Grace slipped through the cracks), and Anoop did Cyndi Lauper proud with his take on True Colors.   The wunderkind that is Allison Iraheta probably could have done better than Bonnie Raitt (I thought it was going to be amazing when they annouced it, but she – and her skirt – fell short…seriously, who hires the stylists on this show?)    Kris Allen continues to impress me, and I think we’ll be saying farewell to either Scotty Mac or Lil Rounds, neither of whom have lived up to their much hyped potential.    Did I leave someone out?    I’m sure I did…the problem with this season’s overly savvy crop of contestants (now that that trainwreck Megan Joy has left the building) is that I keep forgetting about them!   Oh yeah…it’s Danny Gokey.   Meh.   He’s good and all…but I think he’s getting a little too cocky for my taste in mourning widowers.

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