After a season of sucking, Kara grows a sense of humor.


We all know I loathe that holier-than-thou egomaniac Kara Dioguardi.   But when she got up to upstage the only American Idol personality I find less appealing than herself (actually one of two, Tatiana Del Toro being the other) I found myself brimming with newfound respect for the newest and most obnoxious judge.   Bikini girl [aka Katrina Darrell,] whom they somehow rationalized putting through to Hollywood (I’m still unclear if this was for ratings, or Simon’s own pleasures) showed balls (and I’m not talking about her clearly newly enhanced bazooms) when she got up on stage and reprised her audition song….badly.   But Kara showed an actual sense of humor when she joined her, outsang her, and then flashed her [lily white] goods to the Kodak Theater, and the millions watching at home.    I’ll hand it to Dioguardi.   She looked good.   And she added a nice giggle to what was a very entertaining night for us American Idol fans.

Obviously I couldn’t be happier that Accutane-Face Lambert (who seems to be off the accutane just in time for summer) lost to Kris Allen, the new king of mellow.   (Although it did foil my plans for a  photoshopped goodie of Lambert’s face on the Miss-World body, complete with mascara tinged tears.)    I welled up when Kris’ wife Katy joined him on stage at the end of the show…it can’t be easy for the newlyweds to have been separated all this time.

I loved Nick Mitchell’s off-key performance as Norman Gentle, mainly because it involved break-away pants – which are always fun, and Allison Iraheta reminded us why she’s bound to have a career post-idol, by holding her own in her duet with the greatness that is Cyndi Lauper.   It never ceases to amaze me how far the Idol franchise has come – from the show where they first crowned Kelly Clarkson with very little pomp and circumstance, to last night’s star-studded finale complete with performances from Kiss, Queen, Lionel Ritchie, and Queen Latifah, to name a few.

This was a good season.   I look forward to seeing how the contestants fare in the real world – I have a feeling we’ll be seeing quite a few of them again…including, much to my dismay, Accutane-Face: The Musical.

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