The biggest cousin.

Eva can’t get enough of little Dee.    She gave her a bottle of breast milk, and “shhh shhh shhh’d” her until she fell asleep in her lap.     In a lot of ways, Eva was my first baby love.    She was the first newborn I ever snuggled with.    I still remember the moment Marissa called me to tell me she was pregnant (I was walking into the Best Buy in West Hollywood, and for some reason the minute I heard my sister’s voice, I knew exactly what she was calling to say.)   I was there when Eva was born, and when we found out we were going to have Dee, Eva was probably the person Scott and I were most nervous to tell.

Watching her with Delilah is incredible.   She carefully selected the toys she’d outgrown, placing them out in front of baby Dee, explaining to her all the best parts of the Farm play set she shared with her sister and the stuffed horses she keeps in a basket at Grandma’s house.    The massive love she shows this baby is amazing and Marissa tells me that sometimes when she tucks her into bed at night, Eva whispers that she misses Dee.

On Saturday, Eva played with her friend Rosie, the two of them collapsing in inexplicable giggles whenever anyone else entered the room.   Sunday morning, Sara and Dash came by for breakfast.   It was incredible to watch them all together, Miss Eves is such a big girl now, towering over the sea of little ones, quietly complaining that “everyone is moving everything I’m doing” as they played with Dee’s doll house (Eva and Lolo putting all the dolls to bed, while Dashy tinkered with the tiny toilet) only to grin and bear it when she was told that she had to let the little kids play too.

Eva introduces Dee to some new toys.

This picture cracks me up – Eva’s insisting Scott take pictures of each of Rosie’s figurines, and there’s Paloma in the background – copying what her sister does.

And a little more Lolo.   ‘Cause who can’t use a little pure joy disguised as a toddler with a curly mop in their lives?

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