Going Commando

Summer time is fast approaching, and for us hormonal nursing Mamas (am I the only one sweating like a hooker in church?) putting your baby under a nursing cover becomes…well…out of the question really, unless you were hoping for baked baby….which, I mean, although her chubby thighs do look tasty…I’m not.    So my BabyBond nursing cover has been coming in really handy at…y’know…not cooking my baby.

Places I’ve used it:

  • At Passover Dinner.
  • At the Van Nuys Courthouse waiting in a two hour line for Dee’s birth certificate.
  • At a Dodger Game.
  • At the Zoo.

I’ve used it tons of other places too, but I think the above four illustrate how comfortable I am using it to nurse in public…and as I have mentioned before, I am really not comfortable nursing in public.   So if you’re looking for a cool (both temperature and looking) way to cover the ladies without covering your baby, might I recommend a BabyBond?   I think I just did.  BLA-DOW.   (What?   Were you not a Martin fan?)

CLICK through to read more, and enter to win a BabyBond nursing cover.

And there’s a segue here.   BabyBond was created by a lovely lady named Missy, who lives in NY and is married to a very brave guy who just happens to be a NYC Firefighter – one of the very same guys who worked so hard and gave so much to save so many on 9/11.   Missy and BabyBond are dedicated to an organization called Friends of Firefighters, which provides confidential services for NY firefighters and their families who are struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.     BabyBond contributes to FoF monthly, and Missy is participating in an upcoming 20 mile run to raise money and awareness for the cause.   To learn more, or to sponsor Missy and support Friends of Firefighters, CLICK HERE.

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