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I can’t believe it’s effing May.    It seems so recent that Scott and I were anxiously awaiting our 20 week ultrasound wondering if our little Danger Baby (as we often called Dee in utero) would turn out to be a boy or a girl.   And yet here we are and a whole year has gone by.   My sweet Dee is nearly seven months old, and Mother’s Day is fast approaching.     My first Mother’s Day as a Mom.    Which is pretty freaking crazy.

Sometimes I look at Delilah and I try my hardest to comprehend her very existence, and I can’t.   I simply can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she is my child.   I’ve waited my entire life to meet her, and here she is.   And she has a personality.   And it’s wonderful.   She’s a quirky little thing.   She has a surprising sense of humor.   She’s very determined, and really doesn’t bother much with crying unless she absolutely must…usually she’s too busy singing and chirping, and smirking at things…she likes to make you work for a smile, but once you get it – she can’t hold back.   She’s a whole amazing person, and I made her.  I simply can’t believe it.

Today my Mom stopped by and when Dee saw her, she immediately reached for her neck – brushing her collar out of the way with her tiny hands, as if searching for something.   My Mom laughed and said “Oh, sweetheart – I’m not wearing a necklace today!”   I couldn’t believe it.   My baby has memories.    Not only does she recognize her Grandma on sight (I know, I know she’s been able to do that for months now, but it still blows my mind to think about what might go on in that tiny head) but she knows that Grandma Margie always wears fun necklaces for her to play with.   I got a little emotional, because I remember being small enough to be held by my Mom and play with her necklaces…back then it was two thin gold ones that I often wear now.

And I know that soon Delilah will be big enough to start forming lasting memories of her own.   And when she does, she’s going to remember those same thin gold necklaces my Mom wore.   And she’s going to remember the necklace that used to be my Grandmother’s which my parents had reset and gave me for my high school graduation.   And she’s going to remember the pearl drop and stamped brass necklace in the picture above.

That’s the Mama Necklace from Mother-Daughter design duo Kathie and Lindsey of Ripegoods.   It’s stamped with Dee’s initial and birth date, and I am absolutely in love with it.    And in honor of Mother’s Day, the lovely ladies from Ripegoods have generously offered to give one reader of The818 a Mama Necklace of their very own… Click through to enter!

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