Friday the 13th at the Lake

This has been a pretty big month for me.   Not only did I get my butt up off my couch and out of my pajamas and go to BlogHer in New York with Dee in tow, but then three days later I got up off the couch AGAIN and drove my little family up to Big Bear where we spent the weekend holed up with some of our nearest and dearest big-chill style…except nobody impregnated anybody (well, I guess I can’t really vouch for that, but at least nobody impregnated anybody inappropriate) and nobody died (oh…spoiler alert.)   It totally ruled (except for the part where Dee got car-sick on the ride up, which was pretty much the worst thing ever.)

And since Sara is like a one million times better photographer than I am, I am going to post her pictures instead of mine.  And since pictures are worth a thousand words, and I am sharing like 200 pictures, I think it would be excessive for me to keep typing at you. So consider this a guest post by the blogger formerly known as Bogs Darking.  (I’d call her a photo-blogger, but with her gift for the written word, she was so much more than that.)

{Big Bear Lake, California ~ 2010}

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