Ramblings from the Road

Do you guys read a lot of design blogs?   Because I do.   I am like a total freak for them.   And after this weekend, I have about ten million more to add to my blogroll.  (Okay, 400…whatever, it’s still a lot of blogs to read!   And speaking of which…I think it’s probably time to update the BlogRoll I created my first day blogging, don’t you?  Email me if you want on.)  As I mentioned, last week Scott and I winged it to Utah to hit the Altitude Design Summit with Paul (aka Burger) and Cariann of Cargoh, who, little known fun fact, we also honeymooned with.   No, I don’t think that’s weird.   At least we didn’t share a room like we did at Alt.  (PENTHOUSE BITCHES.  Don’t ask me how we pulled that one off.   Just know that it almost involved me getting murdered by Canadians.) Jeez.

The three days we spent in Salt Lake were a whirlwind of of fun, cute outfits, and great design.    And like, ALMOST NO DUDES.   Which Scott was kind of not that psyched about at first, but by Thursday night he and Paul were holding court in the corner of LAMB’S GRILL recruiting members for what would come to be known as #8BallsAtAlt.    (Use your imagination.)   (You don’t even have to use it that hard.)

I got to chat with some of the bloggers that inspire me most – Heather from Dooce (who used hell fire in her presentation, and lived up to all that hype…which didn’t seem possible, but she’s really that cool,)  Stephanie from Nie Nie Dialogues (who just really couldn’t be more lovely – I think sharing a cup of coffee with her could do wonders for my soul), while the brilliant Rachel and Ryan took me under their wings and I can’t wait to keep absorbing all they’ve got to offer.  Erin has got to be one of the lovliest folks I’ve ever met, and Brittany and Jacob, the Husband and Wife team behind Wantist are coming along for the ride if we ever decide to co-honeymoon again.

And uh….not to toot my own horn or anything, but did you notice how good my hair looks in these pictures?

That’s because the lovely Cole (of the greatest maternity series ever recorded on the internet) took her magic scissors to it in between sessions.   I’m a lucky girl, and a new Bumble and Bumble convert.    No really.   She told me what product to buy, I listened, and it still looks kind of like those pictures even though I’ve washed it.   I’m even wearing my hair down and everything.  I could quite literally write a whole post about the revelatory things I learned this weekend about the world of hair care from Mrs. Marshall, so I’ll stop gushing, but I didn’t want you guys to think that I just up and figured out how to look like a human without assistance.   (Extra special more thanks goes out to my beloved Jessica of Leyendecker who brought her store to my house and let me buy her out of all of her discounted cold weather wear so I wasn’t wearing clothes that were four sizes too big for me because YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT I’ve lost 80 lbs since last winter.)   And now I’m just bragging.   I got a new haircut, and I got dressed for five days in a row, and drank cocktails after midnight, and rubbed all kinds of elbows, and gallivanted around fancy hotels and fancy film festivals (which…UGH…WHAT A CLUSTER FUCK you’ve become, Sundance Film Festival) all hundreds of miles from Delilah George.

So in short, it was 50% the hardest 5 days of my life, and 50% the greatest five days of the past fifteen months.   But I guess that’s parenthood for you, right?

But in LONG?   Dee was safe and sound with her Grandparents (both sets, those Grandma’s tag teamed Dee’s care and they did an amazing job of it!  GO TEAM GRANDMA!) and I was alternately a mess and like a kid in a candy shop.   Scott took it harder than I expected, he had a VERY hard time letting his little girl drive off into the sunset Tuesday evening, knowing he wouldn’t see her again until Sunday afternoon.   I had a harder time with it the day before we left than any of the days that we were gone.   I spent the day with Dee not wanting to put her down before saying goodbye and heading off to the SMA Gala where I got to meet Kate, Stacey, Vincent, and a whole room full of incredible people who are fighting with everything they’ve got to stop this monster of a disease.   It was a difficult night to not be able to come home and squeeze my little girl, but the overwhelming message of the evening was hopeful and joyful, and I was distracted by the incredible announcements that were made at the Gala – a cure for SMA is closer than ever…seriously possibly months away.   It’s so incredible to think that the money Alex and Angela will raise with Sweet Water Child: Lullabies for Getty is going to be able to go directly into the hands of the doctors doing the research that could save countless babies.    And I really can’t wait for you guys to hear these songs.   They are just so good.

Once firmly on the ground in Utah though, Scott and I got to spend an entire day by ourselves.   Our flight landed at 10am, and the amazingly accommodating and stunningly beautiful Grand America Hotel let us check in right away.   We strolled the streets of SLC, shopped, ate, and just generally got to be awesome together, something that we just don’t get to do often enough any more…thanks largely in part to the fact that I’m a terminal workaholic.

The Burgers made it to the hotel in the early evening, and I was so relaxed by then that a baby crying in the hallway didn’t make me start sweating or feel nauseous, or want to run screaming from the Hotel, or ANYTHING. Which was like, groundbreaking for me.   Alt (who sure throws one hell of a conference) had made us reservations in town where we had an amazing dinner at Lugano Restaurant, compliments of the Chef, which was PRETTY DAMN COOL.

By the following evening when The Jealous Curator asked me how I was getting on being away from Dee, I felt a twinge of guilt to admit that not only was I FINE, I hadn’t even bothered to check in since that morning.    By the time she (or is she a he?  How cool would it be to be anonymous?) asked me the same question again the following evening, I was singing a different tune.   I’ll blame it on the white wine spritzer (how about them liquor laws, Utah?) but I may have gotten full-on weepy at the very mention of my little girl’s name.

And once we were in Park City surrounded by old friends?   Forget it.   Poor Frances and Stacie were probably going to punch me in the face if they had to hear me start a sentence with “and then do you know what else she does?” one. more. time.

So I think that’s it.   Our trip in a nutshell.   A very small nutshell that barely scratches the surface of our trip, which was just crazy inspirational and awesome in every way I could hope for, but I think I’ve rambled on long enough, don’t you?

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