And a Mini DIY. BOOM.

Our shit is finally looking something resembling GOOD.

And since it’s my nature to make things all zig-zaggy and as hard to follow as possible, we’re back in my office this week, checking in on the make-under progress.  I have gotten rid of a LOT of black mesh office supplies… I was just so inspired with the decluttered work space of my fellow purge-er Karen, and so far, considering my chronic pack-rattery, I think I’m doing pretty darn well…except now taking these pictures my board-wall-thing looks totally cluttered and overwhelming so I may have to reconsider that.

Since the mere act of opening my file cabinet can send me into a full-blown panic, I wanted it to at least LOOK cheerful in there.  I went for yellow low hanging sorters, and added a little punch with pink tape in my labeler.  I also treated myself to a box of recycled [%100 recycled] filing folders, and followedSUPER BETH‘s recommendation of straight-tab filing.   I love how it turned out.

Taxes!  Happy!  Fun!

* * *

And now for my simple, totally manageable, and made a huge difference in my office aesthetic DIY.  Custom Wall pockets!

Your materials:

Pretty, right?!  At least, exactly what I wanted.  Non-corporate-looking non-expensive Wall Pockets.

And, as you I’m sure have already realized, my lurky loves, Con-tact paper comes in like TEN BILLION patterns so you can literally customize them to match ANY DECOR.  (From heretofore, when I write in all caps, it should be read in Oprah’s UGG BOOTS voice.)

Some of my fave options?:  Faux Leather, Walnut, Chalkboard, or for a more feminine spin, Water Dance to name a few…because there are many.


So…did you purge? Let’s do this:

[So what if I back dated this post to Thursday?  I’ll do what I want!]

And also?  This:

I mean really.

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