Cool or Crazy? Plus John Legend & Sade in a Box.

Like, a super sweet suite box:
Thanks to Jen and Barb of Mom Life for the invite.  It’s rad when fellow working Moms recognize each other and treat each other to nice things. I really can’t thank Jen and Barb enough for this much needed break.

But first, before spending an evening in a fancy-ass box at Staples Center drinking wine and noshing cheese with some of my favorite internetitrix’s, (something I can’t encourage you to do enough – I’ve found real kinship in these women I’ve met online.) I had to get dressed.  And we know that comes as a challenge for me, right?   Right. Plus I was going to be hanging with Jen and Barb who I already knew were fashionably awesome and hilarious, along with Sarah, Yvonne, and Elise, the bad ass founders of Moms LA, so I had to find a good “don’t you want to be my friend?” casual concert look.

Here’s what I came up with:

Leyendecker Top, Jordache Jeans, Mossimo Shoes.  I was pretty happy.  Scott thought I looked nice.  I didn’t feel over or under dressed.  I give myself an A+ for effort and thought.  I could have used a sweater…it got chilly in the box with the AC on.

But Also?

Have you seen my badass gold fanny pack?

If you are a person who has to haul a lot of gear, take my advice…get yourself a fanny pack.  My Mom just got my a vintage LV one too that I will have to show you because not having to think about where your bag is for the night is just about as awesome as not having to think about where your kids are.

And finally…Smooth Operator…because Sade is awesome.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?  Oh, and also – I’m pretty sure these are crazy but I love them so would you guys mind weighing in before Scott kills me?

Deena & Ozzy’s Sculpted Wedge.

Cool or Crazy?

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