Casual Fridays, Because Lounge Clothes Are The Best Kind Of Clothes, AmIRight?

CasualFridayMar29_1Lots of people post photos of their cute outfits on their blogs, and I have totally tried to do that, but unfortunately (fortunately) being a work-at-home-mom type person I don’t actually get dolled up in cute outfits all that often. And when I do I’m usually stressed out and really late and sweating and in no position to stop and take pictures.

So, let’s ignore my messy living room and the fact that we haven’t finished putting our artwork back up after we painted the wall, and welcome Casual Fridays to the blog, a new series in which I will make like a fashion blogger and show you pictures of myself (and more importantly, Delilah) wearing our very best pajamas Lounge Wear. Because who doesn’t love some good lounge wear?

Hallelujah, I’d be naked with out it.

CasualFridayMar29As it turns out, it’s not that easy to take self portraits of you + toddler.


Blazer — J. Leyendecker Jersey
Top — ENTI
Stretch Jeans — Forever 21
Slip-Ons — Mossimo Supply Co

On Dee (Self-Styled):

Dress — Cherokee
Shoes — Circo for Target
Socks — Baby Gap

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