Some Small Business Gift Guidance.

Small business Saturday is such a nice break between crazy-ass Black Friday, and bandwidth-breaking Cyber Monday.

Do you find yourself wondering:  “But HOW can I support small businesses?”  {Just…humor me.}  Never fear, friends and lurkers, I am here to give you a few ideas of how my personal pockets are lined.

First and foremost, this time of year, think about spending your hard-earned cash on service-based businesses in your area.  For example…

Maybe your neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, or your sister’s new puppy is piddling on the couch.  How psyched would they be to get a gift certificate for Dog Training, or better yet, daily walks for their beloved pooch?  [Not in the LA Area?  Check out Pet Sitters International to locate a Bonded and Insured Pet Care Professional in your area.]

Your baby brother just moved into his first apartment and the dust bunnies are threatening to eat him alive?  Send a cleaning service to his house!

Friend trapped at home with a tyrannical toddler?  Music Classes make a great gift!

Personally, I’d cut a bitch for a gift certificate for some eyelash extensions.  Or some time with a great colorist.

And of course – what parents/grandparents/betrothed/etc couldn’t use a session with a talented Photographer?  In Northern CaliforniaSan Diego?

Creative juices pumping?  Good.  Don’t forget your hardworking friends on the Internet.

Of course, you can frequent your favorite independently owned shops — here are a few of mine:

Tiny Giraffe

Superfly Lullabies



Mirth Quake

Please Be Still

Him and Her

Bloomin’ Happy


Own a small business? Have a friend who does? Consider supporting your compatriots by buying adspace on a local blog, or if you’ve got an online presence, pick a blog you love and ask about sponsorship opportunities, preferably one in your targeted demographic.

How will you support small business this holiday season?

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