You Better Not Pout: Decking the Doors with Daily Buzz Moms

So…any time I have a deadline for anything it’s pretty much a good thing.  This is because I am a world class procrastinator.  Like, I procrastinate on my procrastination projects.  For example, finding a lovely something to hang in the middle of our pretty-but-abused 1960’s massive beast of a front door.  A something that wouldn’t cover the peep hole, because I LOVE a peep hole.  And a something that would be fun and holiday-ish but maybe just possibly find a home there year round.

So when Daily Buzz Moms invited me to DIY off with some other parenting/lifestyle/design bloggers (identity crisis, table for 3!) I was psyched.  And then stressed.  And then really stressed, because blog posts are HARD, friends and lurkers.  Especially when there are pictures and DIY-ing involved.

But I did it.  I dec’d my door.  And I’m damn pleased with how it came out. Mostly because I got to break out the gold spray paint again and you know how I feel about gold spray paint. {Although now that I look at my big giant door, maybe I should have gone for a bigger display?  Ah well…}

What you’ll need?  A vintage wall pocket, some spray paint, fresh pine sprigs (they smell crazy delicious!), glittery ornaments, duct tape, then: Go nuts!  And YES!!! those are candy canes waiting for passersby (and mail delivery folks) to enjoy!

Happy Holidays…from my house to yours!!!

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