If You’re Familiar With Fiddler On The Roof, You Know We Jews Love Us Some Tradition.

{Dee, on actual Chanukah – yes, with some delicious Mexican Take Out.}

This morning, as I packed up the final pieces of 2011, Dee turned to me and asked: “Where’s the candles?”

‘Oh, honey – Chanukah is over.  Remember, just like we’re taking down our Christmas Tree until next year.’

But my usually accepting child looked at me with those big baby blues and said ‘I want a green one and a orange one and a blue one and a purple one.’  My cold black heart quivered.  And then she dealt her final blow: ‘PWEEEEEEASE?’

So we lit the Menorah one last time.  In the morning.  In January.  SO NOT KOSHER. 

It was the second night of Dee’s third Chanukah that our first tradition as a trio was born. I told her that dinner was ready and she came into the living room already screaming her colors of choice. It only took me a split second to figure out that she was picking candle colors for the menorah like I’d invited her to do the night before.

I never knew how much it would mean to me to have my little girl love Chanukah.  It’s not even that important in the grand scheme of Jewish holidays, but she found this joy all on her own – and that was almost more than I could stand. Oh, Momhood.

I brought home, then DIY’d up these lovebirds and made giving out candy to the neighbors a new tradition.  TRADITION!

Also new this year?  Sugar Cookies!  I made like, 14 batches, and ate them all.  You know…for Dee’s sake.  TRADITION!

New Christmas Eve Dessert?  GG Masumi brought wontons, and I brought our co-concocted Chocolate Egg Rolls.  I won’t mention names, but they may have been called “Morgasmic”.  Without the M.   {This also means I found new ways to get hot oil burns in December.} TRADITION!

And maybe the greatest night of Chanukah was when Scotty brought home this Tink lamp for Dee, and asked if he could disrupt my (non-existent) gift giving plan to have her unwrap it right away.  She hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

And now…

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