Big Girls Don’t Cry – They Get Twin Beds

It’s time. Dee’s moved out of our beloved Scott-made crib, and into her very own big girl bed. Except right now it’s just a big girl mattress, because, well…buying a bed would be like…WAY to easy and no where near time consuming enough. So naturally we’re planning to make one. Here’s the tip of the idea-berg.

Ever since my sis got her upholstered headboard I can’t stop thinking about this DIY from

Also pretty obsessed with the idea of some kind of structured canopy like this.

DucDuc slaughters it across the board…

I have no use for bunk beds, but if I did, I love this clean set from a (now defunct) Domino Mag spread {R.I.P. old friend.}

Upholstery + Orange sitting in a tree. (via)

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