How My Eyebrows Wound Up With Their Own Blog Post.

I have been known to make a few bad beauty decisions in my day.  Or at very least, rash beauty decisions.  But this most recent mishap with my eyebrows?  Undeniably the worst mess I’ve ever made of my own face.

[No photo can truly do justice to what I’ve done.  This one tries.]

It started with a kitchen sink dye job. {Well…bathroom sink.} 

I recently went red, and for my first round of touch ups I decided to go for the L’Oreal Experte something or other dual process color because theirs was the only shade of red I really liked.  I was a little nervous that it involved me bleaching over a base color, but hair is hair is hair, so I went for it anyway.  My highlights turned out great.  My brows?  Not as much.

Wait…we weren’t even talking about my brows. I know. But a missed spot of bleach on my right brow left me looking like a less-cool Vanilla Ice.  Still…what I did next was really inexplicable.

You guys?  I bleached my eyebrows.

Remember Powder?  Yeah…that.

Oh man.  It’s pretty horrible.  I bleached them thinking I would color them back from an even starting point…oh my god, I’m going to stop explaining myself because even I think I sound like an idiot.  Point being: I’ve since decided that no good will come from any additional eyebrow coloring.  So now I’m just shadowing them in and waiting for them to grow out.  Dammit.  WHO DOES THAT? 

It’s obviously some kind of cry for help.  But what do I need help with?

{Thanks to the lovely Emma for doing my makeup and showing me how to shade in my eyebrows at Laura’s Blushington party.}

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