Sometimes I Make Bad Decisions Regarding My Hair

It’s not just my eyebrows that I will sometimes take color-related liberties with.  Although I vowed sometime around 23 or 24 to never cut my own hair again, I will from time to time rebel against the salon and take my color into my own hands.

So…if you follow me on Instagram, then you are probably already aware that I’ve been experimenting with ombre hair color on my own.  I was incredibly jealous of all the cool pink and blue hairs I was seeing around and wanted to reclaim my own riot grrrl days with a punky color du jour.  But I had just gone red.  And I felt like technicolors and red just wouldn’t mix.  But then I saw this:


And I was totally inspired.  And also totally able to ignore the fact that I’m pretty sure the girl in that picture is a college freshman. And actually, things didn’t start off too bad. The first step wherein I decided to try box color before beauty supply bleach (with which I have a long and notorious record) turned out pretty well.  But it was kind of subtle depending on the light.  And I’m not really the subtle type.

So I kicked it up a notch.

And then another notch.

Shit was about to get REAL. {excuse my crusty red nose.}

Really real.  And oh boy did it.

Turns out you can’t rinse punky color through bleached blonde hair without it picking up the pigment.  Oops.  At least it was kind of ombre fire-engine red.

I tried to rock it for a few days, but my patchy, unintentional dye job made me feel like a crack head, and I could quite muster the chutzpah to go over it intentionally…

So instead I took some comet and a pair of scissors, and ended up with the festive easter hair I told you about.  [Sorry there are so many photos of me in this post.  I know I make totally freaky faces, but I can’t help myself!]

It took me about two weeks after the incident to make it to a salon.  But I finally did.  And I walked out looking like this:

That picture totally freaks me out because I look like a woman to myself there and it’s weird.  Also, although I love my haircut, there’s no ombre in sight.  But when you’re trying to grow the balls to go Michelle Williams, there’s really no end to what kind of hair experimentation you’ll try.  And my new stylist Vanessa had this really cool color inspiration photo of a girl with a purple bob on her mirror.

18 Responses to Sometimes I Make Bad Decisions Regarding My Hair

  1. TheBigDebowski says:

    @the818 That’s a pretty excellent title.

  2. LAMartyParty says:

    @the818 nice recovery there! I don’t easily compliment people doing their own hair. 22yrs as a hairdresser. Let me know if I can ever help.

  3. Angela says:

    Is that the 2nd floor of the parking structure at Fashion Square, my love?  ;)  ;)  xoxo-

  4. Angela Dezen says:

    Loves yous!!!!

  5. Carryn Leigh Maclean says:

    Are you really going to go short short? I did it about 6 weeks ago, right before we moved. It’s fun although it does require some type of styling everyday.

  6. says:

    Carryn Leigh Maclean – I need a picture! I kind of need something to require me to style or I won’t do it. ;)

  7. FireMom says:

    I love it. And this post. I need a trim. But I specifically have a Pinterest “Inspiration to Keep Growing My Hair” board for a reason. Don’t show me more cute shortness. kthx. ;)

  8. Carryn Leigh Maclean says:

    This was hours after I got it cut. I had her leave a little bit of length on the sides so I could tuck the hair behind my ears to give me some extra style options. Which also means I can faux hawk it.!/CarrynM1/media/slideshow?

  9. FamilyNLifeLV says:

    I love it!  I really like the short look on you!  I have had so many hairstyles, and many of them bad ones as a result of me playing with my own color. but your final result makes you look effortless!

  10. Amy_Larson says:

    @the818 loved this blog post!

  11. AngelaMKing says:

    @the818 love it! I just put pink streaks in mine. I’m 32. :)

  12. threaldougphoto says:

    @the818 that’s a good thing

  13. says:

    Carryn Leigh Maclean omfg it look so gorgeous on you. And the hawk sound amazing!

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  15. Next to the raising little assholes post, this might be my favorite. Mid crisis today… going to look for a box of bleach! p.s. your cut is gorgeous!

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