Things That Are Tan

My new Dolce Vita platforms (via Tog + Porter) complete with Gianni Versace’s lawn stains.

Me [thanks to the airbrush artists at Skin Body Lounge;
tanning what I can’t tone since 2008] Dancing like a fool in Miami.

{Dress by Gypsy 05; also via Tog + Porter}

Do you understand what Tog + Porter does?  They will style you for the price of fabulous clothes, yo!  YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE YOUR HOUSE TO SHOP AND LOOK AWESOME!  I AM LITERALLY OBSESSED WITH THIS IDEA!  //rant

Stinkerbell. (And my shoes again. I really like those shoes.)

And look!  My latest attempt at DIY ombre hair worked!  Hooray!

And I really dig this chair from Dwell Studio.

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