I’ll Have A Heart Melt On Rye

This week, Scott threw his back out.  Which sucks.  Except then this happened:

He’d been laid up for a day or so, and she asked for what had to have been the thousandth time for him to come play with her.  Again, he declined (though I kind of love the way it so clearly pains him to say no to her) again explaining:  “My back hurts, Tiny.  I don’t feel good.”  Only this time it clicked.

“Your back hurts Daddy?  Well, I can help, I’m a Doctor!” she proudly proclaimed, and then promptly headed off to her room to grab her “Doctor Box.”

For a few minutes, it was kind of like his back didn’t hurt any more.  And I was reduced to a ridiculous puddle of mush, so there was that.

Did you hear how Mark-Paul Gosselaar called Saved By The Bell “not a great show”?  Well, I did, and it offended me, and I wrote about it for MamaPop.

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