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Sometimes, especially in the summer when the internet traffic slows down, having a blog becomes a real off-line experience. The people I get to meet, and the weird stuff I get to do as a result of you lovely friends and lurkers visiting me here on a regular basis is really something I don’t thank you all enough for. REALLY. Because the truth of the matter is, if you guys didn’t show up to read, then nobody would be inviting me to do any of this cool stuff.

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I haven’t really gotten to tell you guys about the incredible Entrepreneurship for Moms panel I attended thanks to the Sarahs of Salt and Nectar and Rachel of Club MomMe.  Erin Condren, Jessica Alba, Leslie Newton, and a whole slew of other incredible women talked about the uphill climbs to their current successes and OMG, I really have to gush about The Honest Company and everything that Jessica is doing with it because WE NEED GOOD GREEN PRODUCTS FOR OUR FAMILIES (and the diapers are crazy cute, too.)

I also got a V-Steam thanks to Tikkun Holistic Spa, and I’m going back for seconds.  In case you don’t know, that’s where you sit on an ancient Vietnamese pot, and literally STEAM YOUR V.  Uh, yeah, I can’t believe I haven’t posted about doing that in a room with four hilarious women I’d met that morning.

Yesterday I got to meet an incredible Mom who adopted her now fourteen-year-old son four years ago from Columbia, and this summer her [strikingly handsome] boy Santiago gave up his room in Santa Monica (don’t worry – he’s traveling Japan with his class from school) so that his parents could spend the summer hosting two Columbian boys also in need of families through KID SAVE, an incredible organization which connects orphans ages 8-13 with permanent homes in the US.  There’s so much more to tell you guys about what Kid Save is doing — many many posts worth — but for now, if you think you might want to get involved; as a foster, as an adoptive parent, or just to help out – PLEASE check them out at

And on Sunday I’m hopping a plane to Milwaukee with these fine ladies where Harley-Davidson will be (hopefully wrapping us in leather and) teaching us to ride a Hog.  Harley’s calling it Summer Camp, and I’m psyched as all get out. I’ve got some Motorcycle-related issues, so this will be something of a fear conquering adventure for me — and I’m pretty sure that’s always a good thing.

So anyway…THANK YOU.  Y’know, for being a friend (and/or a lurker).

WAIT!!!  One last thing.  In the spirit of friends and people I love from the Internet — my good friend Shelly Kramer, who does so much in the world of women, and research, and brands, and bloggers, and all the good things that I am surrounded by on the daily, needs bloggers to answer eight quick questions for her current research project.  Are you a blogger?  Will you take Shelly’s survey?   I would be personally grateful that you helped my friend out.  : )  (HERE IT IS!

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