OutMyWindow: The Prettiest, Safest Photo-Sharing App I Ever Did See {And it’s FREE!}

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So, I briefly mentioned that a couple of weeks ago the kind folks at Warner Bros invited a bunch of us blogger-types us out to their movie lot to unveil their brand spankin’ new photo sharing app; Outmywindow. I always love going to these kinds of things because it’s kind of like INTERNET! LIVE! and I get to meet lovely ladies I’ve admired online, except in person After a spin on the studio tour bus (I was playing it all cool being like: “I work in movies. I’ve totally seen this sh*t” until we got to the props warehouse where the Central Perk set from Friends is still fully intact when I promptly betrayed my inner fangirlness and snapped about ten thousand pictures) we were escorted to THE ACTUAL WARNER BROS private theater to learn about the app itself (which, I wish I could say I’ve seen before, but sadly it seems my blogger clout has officially surpassed my screenwriter one).

I’ll keep this simple. Outmywindow is beautifully designed, and I really love the way the interface works, but none of those things got my heart aflutter as much as their auto-privacy and terms of service.  There’s no intentionally complex privacy settings (cough*zuckerberg*cough) or strangers seeing what you share, and outmywindow isn’t asking for a license to sell your photos in exchange for their free app or caching your information for later use.  Just simple: you invite someone to share in your stream and then the photos of loves ones show up in your timeline and you show up in theirs (you can categorize by groups, of course, so you’re not sharing the bachelorette party photos intended for your sister with Grandma and Grandpa).  And like I said, what a beautiful timeline it is — check it out:

…and you should see it in motion.  Download the app for free from the iTunes store.  Android version coming soon.

[Update: It appears OutMyWindow is currently only availble via the US iTunes store — I will update as soon as I hear about international availability — sorry for the inconvenience global friends!]

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