I Had Big Plans To Post Today…

But then I also had big plans to start this:

Which is HARD. I mean awesome, but HARD. I passed out on the couch the second Scott walked in from work. Mostly from the sugar withdrawal headache. Because MAN I have GOT to stop eating all of Dee’s fruit snacks. But any way, now that I’m up from my nap and sipping my cashew milk I am all drunk with hydration and exhilarated because you know how I love me some cleansing.

Not coincidentally, last night I also achieved inbox zero by marking a shameful SHAMEFUL number of unchecked emails as read, BECAUSE I AM TORTURED BY SPAM which I’ve heard of people doing before but never had the balls to do in my life. Then I freaked out and responded to like twenty five real emails I thought of that I had meant to respond to and then made a list of like ten more before finding that rare email nirvana that only exists with inbox zero and drifting off in to the best sleep I’ve had in years.

Tomorrow’s Purgeday Thursday. I’m psyched. Are you?

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