Funnest New Feature Of iOS 6?
Your Toddler Can Spend Real Money!

Sometimes I feel like the internet is robbing me blind. I’ve ranted and raved about Opt-Out culture, and last month alone my Paypal account was hit with erroneous charges from both Facebook AND Hootsuite. And just this morning, I got a little surprise receipt from Apple!

“Funny,” I thought, I don’t remember typing in my password to authorize those purchases…”

I did however, download iOS6 to my iPad, which Delilah has affectionately begun referring to as “her iPad” ever since the introduction of Cookie Doodle in to our lives.

Since I didn’t get an iPhone 5, I have been way too bitter to embrace iOS 6 for my phone — (it’s still Siri-less for us lowly iPhone 4 users, WTF Apple?) but I downloaded a bunch of free Pony-themed iPad apps for Delilah the other day and vaguely registered that the password requirement for free apps had been yanked from the iTunes store. Nice. One less barrier between me and an iPad full of “Dress Up Princess Kitchen Sparkle Shoppe”.

But is it possible that unfortunate update was extended to in-app purchases on those free apps as well? Yesterday, the date on the purchases, the only person who handled the iPad at all was Dee while we drove back home from visiting my sister in the bay area. Just this past summer Apple users were reporting an almost opposite glitch, some were able to access in-app content without purchasing it. (What? I really liked Nancy Drew.)

Naturally, I couldn’t actually get anyone from Apple on the phone to just ask them this simple question because my applecare has expired, so I turn to you, Internet. I wasn’t able to replicate it on my own iPad — the apps that were upgraded I already own, and the free ones that weren’t are (thankfully) requesting a password to unlock paid content. Has this happened to you? Have you noticed any weird in-app charges you didn’t authorize, or am I starting the next great internet rumor?

{As an aside, if you’re concerned about your kids, or yourself, being able to download free iTunes content without a password, or access in-app content period, you can go in to your device settings under “restrictions” and customize those settings.}

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