Just Because We CAN Photoshop Ourselves Beyond Recognition Doesn’t Mean We Should

My Sister-In-Law, Maegan (along with a group of fine fashion bloggers) recently lent her image to the fall catalogue of a popular handbag company. But what appeared in the catalogue wasn’t quite what she expected…I got all worked up and wrote about it over on Babble

I’m going to cut to the chase: After an email exchange in which the brand repeatedly denied any Photoshopping of her photos beyond fall-hued lighting filters, a frustrated Maegan turned to her readership asking for their opinion on the side by side image included above, along with an emotional post sharing her feelings on being altered, and the body image shame-spiral that followed.

Her readers were largely supportive. Other bloggers, however, were quick to cry foul. For some, the fact that Maegan signed a contract nullifies her right to have feelings about the edits made to her face. For others, sympathy and concern goes to Brahmin for being cited in a potentially inflammatory post. For me, it’s not a question of whether or not Brahmin had a RIGHT to alter her images: They did. Not even Maegan is arguing that. But just because they CAN do it doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

What do you think? Read the whole post HERE.


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