By The People

We waited until Scott came home from work so we could all vote together. We’d talked about the election at home in terms of choosing and voice, but never in terms of politics or candidates because she has her whole life to get worked up over things like that.

During the day, we watched a special episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood where Daniel and his classmates voted between getting swings or a slide for their playground, and as we walked to our polling place, I realized how much watching her favorite furry friend weigh his decision had really driven the concept of voting home. (Have I mentioned that I love everything about that sweet little show? That’s how you do a reboot, Hollywood. Write that down.)

As we walked, Delilah told us that she was planning to vote for Slide. I told her it was important that she was sure SHE really wanted to vote for slide and not to choose it just because Daniel Tiger had, and she surprised me by listing off all of the reasons she thought a slide would make a better addition to the playground than swings.

We arrived at our polling place, gave our names, and as we took our little scan tron ballots Dee exclaimed: “Wait, you forgot to say me, Delilah! I’m voting for slide!”
(Which obviously earned her the sticker.)

And then we came home, and curled up on the couch to watch the returns. And something even more awesome happened than watching my child spark to the democratic process. My own faith in democracy was renewed. In humanity really. And I really didn’t realize how much I needed that faith to be renewed until I woke up Wednesday with a fervor for doing that I haven’t felt in a long time.

On Tuesday night, it became clear that Money wasn’t doing all the talking. For the first time in what feels like way too long Money was silenced by a much more powerful sound. The Voice Of The People.

Women, Latinos, Gays, Social Mediaites, Hippies, and yes, even stuffy old white dudes, had their voices heard in unprecedented numbers despite being out-funded, out-aired, and out-polled by the opposition on most if not all of their respective issues. Regardless of which side of the aisle you vote on, it can’t be denied that freedom was ringing across America on Tuesday night. With all we’ve been through as a country over the past decade We The People are still kicking and there’s undoubtedly something to celebrate in that.

WHO WANTS TO WIN A ROBOT?  Thanks to everyone who shared your “I Voted” photos on Tuesday – I loved seeing all your smiling faces making your voices heard. Krishann of  His Mrs Her Mr is my randomly selected winner, and her photo is awesome:Email me with your shipping info Krishann, and congrats on the newest addition to your family, you’re gonna love it!

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