Celebrate Freedom + Win A Robot

We call her Rosie. {Get it? Rosie the Robot?}

She’s not just an automatic vacuum cleaner. She’s a full blown freaking robot. Wheels get stuck? She backs up and unravels herself. Cord in her way? She pops up and over it. Stepped in her path? She’ll go around you. Dropped something while she’s working? She’ll take note and come back for it. She’ll remind you to clean her bin or clear a doorway, and when she runs out of charge, she knows where to find her docking station to recharge herself so she can pick up where she left off.  {Neato Robotics was kind enough to send me one, and they want to give one of you guys a Neato too — so keep reading, it gets good.}

She’s better than a new puppy. She already knows commands, learned where her bed is and sleeps in it, and SHE CLEANS UP AFTER MY OTHER THREE DOGS.    {Not to mention the three human people who live here too.}

That is a serious lot of dirt. And that’s just after her regularly scheduled 1am vacuuming. (That’s right, she vacuums while I sleep.)

Back in like, ’03 or ’04 I got a Roomba. I thought it was pretty sweet. But then I got a German Shepard. You guys? That thing was no match for Maddie’s shedding. But Rosie? She handles Otis, Sophie, and Stinkerbell without a fuss, and has notably improved my allergies from all the dust those freeloaders track in. I’m obsessed.

Plus, she looks just like a NES. It’s like my Nintendo grew up and started a cleaning service. A cleaning service that beautifully tackles my hardwood (okay fine, laminate), tile, shag, and the short wool rug pictured below with out missing a spec of hair. Did I mention I have THREE DOGS? Because I do. And Rosie is making all that unpleasant evidence of their existence they leave around basically disappear. She’s making me like my dogs more. Like, a lot more. Dog hair sucks.

Man, we’re so in love. And you can be too. It’s election day here in America, and what better way to celebrate freedom than to free one of my friends and/or lurkers from EVER HAVING TO VACUUM AGAIN?

Here’s the deal fellow Americans: I really really want you to vote. I don’t care who you vote for (okay, I do, but for the purposes of this sweeps I don’t) so if you’re a US resident and you’re registered to vote YOU’RE IN LUCK! All you have to do is comment on this post linking to a photo you’ve shared of your “I Voted” sticker on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (feel free to tag me so others can enter too) and you’ll be entered to win a Neato XV-21 of your very own!  That’s it!  That’s awesome right?  Owning a Neato is damn near luxurious. It has improved my quality of life in ten fold AND I’M NOT EVEN EXAGGERATING.

Now get out there and VOTE!!! {butt patts all around.}

Entries accepted through tomorrow, though you obviously have to vote today. Oh, and also *official rules*.

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