Work In Progress

Jan1I’m feeling wary of resolutions this year.

I got a new camera and have kept it on manual since I took it out of the box — but that’s not a resolution, that’s more like finally forcing myself to do something I’ve been avoiding for years. I want to post a photo to this blog every day this year. But I’m not resolving to do it…I’m just gonna give it a try. One down, 364 days to go (2013’s not a leap year, is it?).

I want to lose weight, but I always want to lose weight, except for the few months in late 2011/early 2012 when I wanted to gain it. There is no happy medium, but that won’t stop me from trying to find it. Still, the scar tissue of failed resolutions past reminds me that January 1st is an arbitrary date, and weight loss is relative. I’m working on making healthier choices all around. Not since today, just a work in progress. That’s not a resolution either.

Work/life balance was my dragon to slay in 2012, and I’m getting there, slowly but surely I’m getting there, but the earth’s schedule for circumnavigating the sun and my own schedule for being a better person don’t necessarily coincide.

In 2013 I resolve to be a work in progress with upward mobility.
{I think I can manage that.}

a7b92f1a52d311e2b3e122000a1f9a4f_7Oh, and I want to see my friends more. That is a resolution.

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