Bouncing Souls

ZevMuahHahAs you may know, we live in limited square footage. That goes for our backyard, too. We have about 200 square feet of yard for us and our menagerie (don’t worry, they’re not held prisoner in our tiny space, they get to spend all day at work with their daddy) so when it came time to finding outdoor ways to entertain our toddler at home, our choices were limited. Which is why I’m totally freaking obsessed with the Little Tikes Triangle Bouncer that fits (pump and all) into our deck box (along with all of our gardening tools) and blows up to provide epic fun for Dee and her suitors. Seriously, it inflates in under a minute and folds up just as easily — if you’re in a small space with kiddos, I highly recommend this option for letting them burn off energy.

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