I think maybe…a weekly series?

I have no idea what my fingers are doing.   My brain is screaming all kinds of rational reasons why I shouldn’t put this additional pressure on myself, and yet my fingers and my guts are saying “nah…go on ahead with this one…it’s gonna be good for you.”

So…[brushing angel off shoulder] I think I’m starting a weekly blog series thing.   I’m calling it MAKING IT WORK IN 1000 FEET, SQUARED (give or take).

I realize that’s a terrible tittle for my weekly series, so we’ll come up with a better name.  In fact, if you have a better name for this series, by all means, share it in the comments, and I’ll probably go with it over that mouthful.   Maybe it should be something like “Thursday Purgeday” but that sucks too.

Anyway, here’s the skinny. For the past five years, Scott and I have shared this lovely duplex in The Valley (a.k.a. The 818, that’s eight-one-eight, in case you’ve ever wondered.)    It’s just under 1100 sq. feet, plus this dank but couldn’t-live-without-it basement space that currently acts as storage/laundry room/Scott’s office.    Anyway, these two bedrooms and 1100 square feet were plenty when Scott and I first moved in here as a carefree boyfriend & girlfriend with two dogs half-a-decade ago. Boyfriend & girlfriend pack rats from hell, I might add.

But so much has changed since then.   We never imagined for a flingin’-flangin’ second that we’d be bringing our first baby home to this renters paradise.   Still here we are.   What was once my office is Dee’s bedroom, what was once my living room is a playroom/office, and what was once ample space is now closing in on us by the minute (and did I mention? TWO DOGS?)

So…I’m thinking I’ll share with you guys our weekly progress as we purge.  And then if you want to join in on the spring cleaning fun (I know it’s not *exactly* spring yet) you can go ahead and link up your progress in the comments.  Sound good?   But seriously…let’s think of another name for this thing thought because there’s no way I’m getting MAKING IT WORK IN 1000 FEET, SQUARED (give or take)” on a button.

Also, this isn’t just for people who live in teeny tiny places like we do (and we love love love our place — don’t get me wrong).   This can be fun and useful even if you  have plenty of space but are just finding yourself overwhelmed by crap you’ve accumulated and don’t need, until all of a sudden you’re watching an episode of Hoarders with a mouth full of donut, and it hits you:  “Oooooooh, shit.”

I don’t know.  Maybe this is stupid and no one will do it.   But I’m still going to do it, so…

First up in my house?   My office.  It was our most aggressive attack on our lack of space when I was laid off and we realized that we would, in fact, be bringing Dee home to our beloved disco pad in the Val.

The overall idea is working beautifully, but I am an organizational disaster — especially at the moment when I’ve been pulling out every file in existence — so it’s the project I’m currently undertaking in full force because it’s messing with my daily functionality.   And in the spirit of showing life as it is, rather than how it looks after I clean it up for a photo shoot….I give you ~ My Expedit Office in full-blown Thursday Condition.

That’s how my make-shift cubie appears from the dining room/kitchen area of our house. We have a super open floor plan so lounge (bar) living room, dining room, office and kitchen are basically all one big space.   We’re still looking for better, longer-term solutions for Dee’s toys — something lovely like this bin from Finch Home’s Etsy Shop.

Until such time, the Drona boxes filling the bottom level of our expedit are working out swimmingly.  Dee can even pull them out and put them back herself.   (Although generally she opts out of the latter.)

On the right hand side, you can see where our living room couch backs right up to my office.   Good times.   Thankfully, there is such a thing as noise reducing headphones. (Here’s a crazy expensive version. Mine were a cheap corporate gift from CAA.)   Moving on…

I stand behind my idea…if you can call any part of our place “exceptionally large” our living room is going to be that place.    But my execution?   I fail in like 17 ways.  Oh yes, there are cubbies galore, but they are all terribly, horribly, under-used.  The concept was there, but I just never quite finished.  So #1 on my list of projects for “spring cleaning” is to get rid of all the stuff I no longer need in my office, and make it a clean, efficient space where I can get some freakin’ work done.

And then I’m going to invest in really fancy noise-canceling headphones.   Ugh, and a new printer/scanner/fax.  Which I could rant about for a whole hour and a half all by themselves…because I swear they build those things like they’re freaking disposables.

So that’s where I’m starting my purge.   It’s not even funny some of the crap from old jobs and random blog swag I’m stil hanging on to.   What’s your biggest problem area (don’t say ass & thighs) and how to you plan to tackle it?   Any advice for me?   What should I call this thing?

All that and more…. xoxoxo -m-

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