6478c052b29c11e2914422000a1f98df_7Dudes, this week has flown by, but last wednesday was one of the funnest days of my adult life, and it was spent flying solo with Dee at Disneyland. How do I know I had the best day ever? Because when we got in the car well past my lady’s bedtime my phone still had 90% battery life. A sure fire way to tell I was engaged in my day and not living it on the Internet. Which is a win in my book.  #sadbuttrue #hashtaggeranonymous [Internet addiction and crazy-making — another post for another time. Because that would be a serious digression.]

If you have a three to four year old and it is within your means to get your family to Disneyland this year, I beg of you to do it. They are so damn GAME for everything right now. From convincing her that the water feature outside of Pixie Hollow was Silvermist popping up to say hello, to the way she described her deep sea adventure on Nemo’s Submarine as if she’d just returned from an expedition far far away, her little imagination was on overdrive and so was mine. We ran around the park playing make believe and eating ice cream and just generally having the time of our lives.

DeeDisThe tickets came my way courtesy of Disney and Babble, so in the afternoon we got to meet up with the Spohr family and the rest of the Babble crew to check out the shockingly enjoyable (even for adults) Beauty and the Beast show at the new Royal Theater. Annie and Delilah were instantly attached at the hip, like moths to a flame. Insane cuteness.

photoWarning: exposing your fashion-obsessed toddler to a real-live Belle Dress WILL RESULT IN YOUR SPENDING $70 ON A MINIATURE VERSION BEFORE YOU ESCAPE THE PARK. I’m just saying. Budget for that if you hit the Royal Theater.

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My sweet Dee is still a wee little thing so we missed out on the Cars experience at California Adventure, but she was quickly distracted by the giant Ferris Wheel, which she later announced to Scott was her favorite part of the day. Going VIP at Disneyland really makes your kid think you’re cool. I can’t thank Disney Interactive enough for all the cred I accumulated with Delilah on account of their kindness.


BEST DAY EVER. (But we really missed Scotty!) The End.

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