Pesticides in Infant Formula? Seriously Similac?

GMOBabiseI’ve made no secret of the fact that GMOs give me the heebie jeebies. It’s not that I think they’re going to make me grow a third arm or anything extreme (slash useful) like that, it’s just that they haven’t been around long enough for us to know WHAT they will or won’t do and I can’t wrap my head around acting as a willing guinea pig for the companies that manufacture our food. It’s that simple. Prove to me that they’re safe, and we’ve got something to talk about. Until then, not in my body, and not in the food I’m serving my family — not least of all my young, unsuspecting daughter.

Which is why I am extremely freaked out by the idea that Similac is currently using GMOs in its popular infant formulas. Seriously? Our littlest citizens? We’re going to let them serve on the front lines of testing for long term effects of GMOs?

I’m not good with that. My friend Leah Segedie isn’t good with it either. She’s launched a petition via asking Similac to remove the questionable ingredients from their product. Leah’s story is compelling — due to extreme allergies, her son Steven wasn’t able to breastfeed or use the most common formulas because of trace amounts of agrochemicals used on Genetically Modified crops had passed through to the formula and were dangerous for his tiny body. [continue reading…]

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