This Wedding Save The Date Is The Inspiration For My Next Tattoo

c7c5f56da9aef97ec23ed8d0241dc367{via Spencer Studio}

Not the Sylvia & Arthur part. I mean, I’m sure they’re a lovely couple and all, but it’s the geometric water color that I’m keying in on. You know — not that one exactly, but the style of it catches my eye.


{via Amanda Wachob Instagram/Web}

There’s this tattoo artist named Amanda Wachob and ever since I first wrote about her for Cargoh a few years ago, I’ve been dreaming of getting her to do a piece on me.

Unfortunately she’s all filled up for like, years because obviously. Last year a few months before a trip to [her hometown] New York I emailed her and she graciously emailed me back but explained her waiting list went on for eons. Then I emailed her again this year begging to be put on her waiting list but I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m a stalker now.

9b29d124b4804b7e206fbbbf28472f60{That’s not a tattoo, it’s a painting from PrettyInc, but I like it.}

It’s been ten years since my last tattoo (unless you count my eyelids) but lately the itch is reaching record heights. I think about new ink often. I’d like this one to be more worthy of forever than the previous few. It will also be my first potentially visible with clothes on tattoo. So I’m reluctantly starting to research new artists. Particularly those in my area. I should probably also keep my search to those who are actually taking new clients.

Do you know any great tattoo artists in the L.A. area who you’d recommend? I’m totally open to recommendations. Today I came across this guy right here in my sweet Valley who looks pretty amazing…

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