Thank You, Tryptophan


^ It’s easy to be thankful for these two. I mean, honestly, c’mon. ^

Lately, I’ve had this increasing feeling of unsettley-ness. Not in a bad way, more in an exciting way. Just y’know…life is so full of possibility if you’ll let it be, and I feel like I’m kind of getting more and more open to letting it be. A little. I mean, I made a life list at age ten and I’ve basically stuck to it, or at least kind of tried to, and I wonder what my fully matured self might have to say about that if I’d let her. My friend Lindsey is traveling around the world and it’s amazing to see how happy and free it’s made her (you should follow her Instagram stream if you like seething with jealousy and/or seeing exotic locales.)

I’m way too lazy to travel around the world, but it makes me think of all the smaller ways I could shake things up a bit, and I kind of like the thought of it. I mean, when it’s not totally stressing me out to consider change of any kind. Because AGGGGHHHHH.

It’s raining today, and in Southern California that’s basically a snow day, so we are all very cozy over here. My favorite way to be.

Other things I’ve littered the internet with this week?

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Also, nothing has really made me laugh harder than THIS (which I did not write).

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