It’s Like The Best Inside Joke I’ve Ever Accidentally Told Everyone

Image courtesy of  <a href=Last week I wrote a post claiming that “that’s my jam” no longer meant “I love that” but rather, that kids today were using it as a euphemism for spanking the monkey. Which, you have to admit whether or not that is totally accurate (which I will get to in a second) your day to day life has probably gotten just a little bit funnier since I put the notion out there as you inevitably notice people using the phrase ad nauseum. It’s like adding “in bed” to the end of your fortune cookie fortune, but people have no idea they’re doing it.

Anyway, almost simultaneously because the universe is kind to me, Ben & Jerry’s, purveyor of delicious and cleverly named frozen desserts, released a new line of flavors, one of which is named…you guessed it…THAT’S MY JAM.

Now, some may point to this as evidence that I am wrong, and looking to single handedly ruin the phrase “that’s my jam” for my own personal gain (delusions of grandeur aside), but I would remind those nay sayers that Ben & Jerry’s has also at various times in pop culture history released flavors called “Schweddy Balls” and “What A Cluster”, amongst others.

Some folks have suggested that Pitch Perfect scribe Kay Cannon gave new meaning to the slang when she inserted “lady” in to the phrase, indicating what kind of jam Brittany Snow’s character was talking about. I think that could be true, but I’d rather not because pretending it means masturbation is so much funnier when people use it in daily conversation.

My friend Neal says the definition isn’t in Urban Dictionary, which, he insists is his jam, but the video of the Pitch Perfect clip is included in the entry which I suggest is because it’s the most relevant current usage in popular culture and therefore indicates the direction the slang is heading in. Also it’s Urban Dictionary, so I just submitted my own updated meaning because I like to be right, even if it’s retroactively.

And in conclusion, Key and Peele. Take from it whatever you will.

[Update: Urban Dictionary did not approve my entry. I guess I’ll surrender this crusade. Still funny.]

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