My Accidental Spring Break (ish)
Alternate Title: Where I’ve Been.

10268717_10152330031297171_5515729333500717082_nEvery two weeks for the past three months, I’ve gone out of town. I’m tired. So tired. And inspired. So inspired. But my body is run down and my fibromyalgia is flaring up and it just feels like my head is moving faster than I can really keep up with these days. But I’m about to try. Ready? 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that earlier this month I spent a few days in Texas doing out-of-character things like wet-track tire-testing, helicopter riding, off road racing, and eventually Skeet Shooting which is a whole other post all by itself.  Well, in the above video you’ll actually get to see me do most of those things all plus gratuitously over-using variations of “don’t mess with Texas” while amped on adrenaline and looking exceedingly awkward as I always do on video.  Man, I love me.

10177371_10152292957232171_6557745566584214723_nThat’s me and my driving partner and buddy Jenny in the copter. You kind of want to watch that video a little more now, don’t you?  You should. It’s short and sweet. (If you don’t know Jenny she’s one of the most insane and awesome people I’ve ever met. And she is a kick ass video blogger.)

Dee PoolSwimming weather is upon us here in The 818. Southern California doesn’t give a fuck what month it is. Lately we’ve been thinking and talking a lot about leaving it but I’m not sure if I ever could.


But more than anything else, dudes, the epic spring purge of 2014 has taken over our lives. We’re so determined to stick to it that almost everything else has fallen by the wayside (although I did manage to make my first passover dinner, but I didn’t actually manage to photograph it. Blogger of the year right here). I’ve actually been sticking to five items a day, but more than that, Scott got on board with the idea of Crap Cutting leading to happiness and stuff and it’s been emotional and exhausting, and exciting, and we’re just kind of feeling lighter and more energized from the whole experience. I mean, our second set of dishes is in the goodwill pile along with like forty speakers and clothes that two years ago I swore I’d never get rid of. (But my closet is ALWAYS a post in and of itself.)

Our entire basement has been purged. Nine straight hours you guys. And kind of the best day we’ve had in I don’t know how long.


Scott and our awesome friend Austin went straight through while Dee and I errr…supervised. But I had to step back or my bizarre emotional attachments to obsolete electronics and old binders would have really thrown us off track. Instead, Scott filled two trucks for donation a trashcan and our two recycling cans which are not small. I can breathe again.

QueenDeeThe Queen Bee finally fits her rad retro tricycle from auntie Maegan. She had to be bribed to come off of it at the end of the day.


We brought the dogs out with us to run around and bask in the sun for a while rather than bark at us from the windows. My hound dog got down puppy style, playing keep away with Otis’s disgusting tennis ball.

SophsterLook at that happy hound. Can you believe she’s had two malignant tumors removed in the past five months? Here’s to magic cancer killing mushrooms. Every day with this crazy beast is a gift. I love her so much. 


I think some times when you don’t give yourself the breaks you need your body and/or mind take them for you. I’m crazy excited for my trip to Atlanta this weekend (t-minus two days actually) but damn I’m hoping my immune system can survive the plane trip. It’s hell on my already bedraggled sinuses and lungs. (Have I mentioned I crack a rib this time every year from allergic coughing? This week’s light fracture makes a FOURPEAT.) 

Wait…what’s that you said? A trip to Atlanta? Oh yes. Have I not mentioned? Really? Because I’m incredibly excited about this.


 I’ve done a lot of speaking on the weird world of professional blogging at events all over the country for the past few years, from Going Pro in San Diego in 2011, to Work/Life Balance as a Work-At-Home parent in Salt Lake in 2013 and Dealing with Negativity in 2014. I’ve talked to groups of parents here in LA about how to get their own blog off the ground. I gave a lecture on Finding Your Personal Instagram Style in Chicago this past summer. But the session I’m doing at the Mom 2.0 Summit in Atlanta this Saturday is by far the topic I’ve been waiting to get a speaking invite on for the longest time. (Mom 2.0 has swiftly become my all-time favorite conference for parenting pundits and the marketers who who so often work with us, and also to see all of my blogging colleagues and internet loves all in one place at the same time. Plus, they throw it at the Ritz ever year so you kind of can’t beat that with a bat. And then there are keynoters like Brene Brown, and all other kinds of amazing programming.)  This year, I’m honored that the Mom 2 team invited me to talk about managing those inevitable life crisisis on your blog without completely dismantling your personal relationships and career with the dreaded internet over share. Or as the brilliant Mom 2.0 Team Describes it:

Writing: Writing Your Truth Through Change, Heartbreak and Other Totally Non-Pinnable Things. 
No one is immune to the dings of everyday life. But when a period of intense difficulty comes along, bloggers often respond in two very different ways. They either draw back and shut down, or they shine a bright spotlight on the details of their personal woes. Finding a balance between the two extremes is important. How do we define boundaries during these troubled times? 

If you look to the right hand side of my site, you’ll notice in my sidebar a list of “most popular” posts. Four of those five also happen to be my most Pinterest-friendly posts, so you can see why so many pro-bloggers are gravitating towards the visual medium these days. But if you’ve been reading for any amount of time, you also know I’m moderately more likely to talk about depression or spilling pee on my doctor’s floor than anything particularly pin-able. It’s a topic that I think needs discussing in the often perfectly styled blogosphere, and I’m honored to be talking about it alongside two of my closest friends in real life (whom I met over the internet, of course) Laura Tremaine of Hollywood Housewife and Elizabeth Jayne Liu of Flourish in Progress. If you’re not following one or both of them, you really are going to want to be because they’re both awesome. It’s going to be a good discussion.

So. One more weekend away before I get to come home and snuggle with my family and deal with my sinuses and get the three weeks of sleep I so desperately need. 

And if you made it this far, I reward you with this video of Lorde and the surviving members of Nirvana at Nirvana’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

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