Eye Candy: Highlights from Dwell on Design 2014

Dwell Collage

This past weekend we trucked over the hill for Dwell on Design 2014 at the LA Convention Center where the grass truly was greener and totally sustainable, recycled and synthetic, natch. It also housed every prefab I could ever had dreamed of getting inside of. It’s amazing what these guys can erect in two hours. C’mon. You know what I mean. 

As always the annual show of things no one can afford was filled with plenty of eye candy for design lovers with everything from copper sinks inlayed with weathered pennies, living walls, textile pillows upon velvet mod sectionals,  prefab homes, upcycled peel and stick wood paneling, adjustable modtable desks with treadmills, and glamping galore. But our most important discovery of all? The incredible, modular shipping container office space brought to you by Cube Depot and AB Design Studio!

Honey I'm Home(BE STILL MY HEART. Honey, I’m home!)

For years Scott and I have been drawn to alternative styles of building and architecture. Our latest infatuation, and current plans for home sweet home, a sustainable eco-friendly shipping container homes that lives just west of Prefab. After talking with AB Design Studio and the brilliant guys at Cube Depot, our shipping container love affair has all but been signed, sealed and delivered! (Except for the signing part…and the sealing and delivering part, but I’ll keep you posted. ) Whatever. It seems like we could really do this.


So many pretty and clever things! Eco Amps, wood prints, and Mid Century Modern...

Dwell 1

More to come on all the goodness, but for now — Dwell on Design, I want to live in you.

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