Shipping Container Homes

Lately I’ve got this bug up my butt. Scott and I have always wanted to build a house.

We’ve bounced back and forth between prefab homes and stick building, weighing price per sq ft vs. carbon footprint and all kinds of other annoying things like that.


via dornob

Sometimes logistics hold us back. Sometimes it’s finances. Sometimes it’s just life. Building a house is a clusterfuck, I’m told. There’s nothing like it, others say.



The thing is it’s an idea we just can’t shake. And have you seen what people are doing with shipping containers? It’s like pre-fab meets stick building with a little bit of upcycling built in. Modular, eco friendly, and totally customizable. Sounds kind of awesome, right?


via demaria design associates

That insane looking house above is in Redondo Beach, CA and is made up of eight cargo containers. The pool is a repurposed container as well. Which, obviously.


via Jesse C Smith Jr on Flickr

I mean, there are so many hurdles that stand between us and doing this. We’re not architects. The City of Los Angeles may not even permit it. We don’t even know if we want to stay here. But fuck, if we do, wouldn’t it be cool to do it in a shipping container house we built ourselves? 



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