Mischievous Mensch Rules


  • Each blog may submit ONE photo (not a collage, not a video) of a mensch being “mischievous.” You can, of course, put as many pictures up on your own blog (to tell your mensch story if you’d like) but you need to select only one to enter.
  • Part of your picture may be illustrated, but the ACTUAL MENSCH must be a real, photographed mensch. For example, I’ve added some illustrated elements to some of my mensches, but the actual mensch stays the same.
  • You don’t have to have kids or even celebrate Hanukkah to participate. You don’t even have to have “that mensch” that is pictured above. All you have to do is get a mensch and take a picture of it that will make people laugh. That’s it.
  • If you don’t have a blog, I recommend setting up a Tumblr account. It’s free and super easy. Your photo will need to be hosted on your blog or tumblr to submit it. It will also need to be viewable by the public.
  • Keep your mensches PG-13. These are mischievous mensches, not racist, ignorant, or pornographic elves. Use your discretion. Use your head and get creative, like the first year’s Inappropriate Elf winner Cut A Hole In A Box Elf by Adventure Mama or last year’s winner Elf Enough by The Eco Friendly Family.
  • I am not going to police these entries with a fine tooth comb. Those that are too inappropriate simply won’t make it into the top 10, but I do reserve the right to remove any from the linkup that I deem to have crossed the line. Don’t agree? Don’t enter.
  • By entering this contest, you are granting Morgan Shanahan and The818.com rights to re-publish your entry picture on this blog, in print or television media, and on other social media platforms with credit given to you.
  • Entries will open December 9th, 2013. Entries will close at 11:59 p.m. CST on December 19th, 2013.  
  • The top 10 mensches will be announced by December 21st.
  • A guest panel of judges will consider the top 10 and vote on first and second place between the December 21th and the 25th. The winner will be announced on December 25th.
  • By entering the contest, you are agreeing to all the rules above. Morgan Shanahan (The818.com) has the right to remove any content not in compliance with these rules, and to disqualify entrants who use dishonest techniques to increase their votes.
  • Anyone may enter the contest, but winners not residing within the US or Canada may be responsible for shipping fees of their prizes. Prizes will be shipped by the end of January 2014.
  • In order for the linky tools to recognize your entry and allow it, you must include a link back to the official contest post – http://wp.me/p2CdBZ-3Pv  You can do this by simply typing “Check out my Mischievous Mensch!” or whatever else you’d like to say, highlighting it, and hyperlinking the text, pointing it back to the official link.