Dream a little dream.

Star Tribune

Once upon a time, before there was a baby on the way…before the economy took a nose dive…Scott and I had decided that our first home would be one of these beautiful pre-fab creations known as a FlatPak House.    We made our preliminary plans (ours was to be notably smaller than those pictured in this gallery) we got our quote, we started looking at land for sale, we drove up to Sausalito to check out a work-in-progress, and we were in love.   We still are, but you gotta roll with the punches in this life, right?   All things considered, (and damn it…things just kept popping up to consider) we couldn’t in good faith move forward with the plans for our dream house in such uncertain times.   But the dream is alive.   Every so often, I find myself wandering over to Charlie Lazor’s website and clicking through, dreaming of the days when we figured we could just shack up in Mom and Dad’s garage while our little slice of heaven was constructed in it’s Wisconsin factory, trucked out to California, and put together by a crew of  Minnesotans in matching uniforms on the perfect site for our perfect home.    And I look forward to a time when maybe, just maybe our dreams can become reality once again.   Lazor Office has a couple of new homes added to their flickr stream, and looking at some of those beauties reminded me why we fell in love with this particular brand of prefabulousness in the first place.   Enjoy.

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