C is for Crazy.


So now that the walls are painted, the crib and changer are in and on their way to completion, and the rocker reupholstery is next on the list of projects for Scott to dive into (did I mention we scored some free white leather, so we’re going with that on the chair?) I’ve started to think about what we want to do to decorate our bright lime walls.

While we had originally wanted to wallpaper one wall, we decided that spending the cash on wallpapering our rental was just plain silly, and Scott has enough projects on his plate as it is.    Instead, we’re looking for a decal of some kind for the main wall behind the crib, and at the moment, I’m kind of leaning towards THIS ONE in white from WallDecor’s Etsy Shop.


Then there’s the matter of the other walls.   I’ve always been a fan of Letterpress, so of course I’m trolling Etsy for some great prints we could frame, but I haven’t come up with much I like yet.    I’m kind of into THESE prints from YEEHAW’s shop (Scott strongly prefers the white borders to the kraft) or creating a piece for her out of THESE NOTECARDS (also pictured above)…OR even framing THESE flash cards from Giggle…but I’m afraid of overloading the poor girl with wild colors.    I also bought a piece of Marimekko Lumimarja fabric on eBay that I thought about framing, or turning into a triptych, but it might just have too much ivory to work with all of our white furniture.

Thinking I might find inspiration in the same decade that inspired our furniture choices, I turned to the old issues of Life Magazine I acquired in high school, which have been supplying me with artwork for the past decade to see if there was anything in there that would work.   After weeding out the tons and tons of cigarette and alcohol ads (man, people liked to party in the ’60s) what I came up with was a collection of old food, furniture, and automobile images that just might do the trick.   To tone down the technicolor ads, I’ve played around with tinting them sepia, or fuchsia, or just plain black and white…or I could give them a more traditional nursery spin by adding letters to them like so:

Picture 6

If I go the alphabet route, I could use just a few letters, or all 26…they could be colored, mix n’ match, monochromatic, b&w, sepia, black letters, white letters, different fonts…really the possibilities are endless if we DIY our artwork, but then we’ve got to find an appropriate way to display them, which could also get costly – even at Ikea.

Alphabetically speaking, I also love THESE PRINTS from WalkingToJericho’s Etsy Shop (pictured at top, although at 30$ a pop, buying an alphabet full of them is definitely out of the question.)   I suggested we just get them in her initials, but Scott vetoed that.    Is it weird to just use random letters?   Maybe.

*Sigh*   Can you tell that in addition to the nesting instinct from Hell, I’ve been siezed by indecision in these final weeks?   Any suggestions?   Ideas?   Favorites?   I’m open.   Have I stumbled across the right idea yet, or should I head back to the drawing board?   (Either way, right now Final Draft is calling to me…and I’m pretty sure it’s saying “THE KID’S NOT GOING TO CARE WHAT’S ON HER WALLS…BUT IF YOU DON’T GET BACK HERE AND FINISH THIS SCRIPT, SHE’S SURE AS HELL GONNA CARE ABOUT HER EMPTY COLLEGE FUND YOU EFFING SLACKER!!!”

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