Hoot for All!

Over the past few days I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking about this custom print hanging in Dee’s room from Hoot Design Co. I don’t blame you – I love it too. So guess what? Kristen, the lovely and talented designer behind Hoot has decided to give away one of her sweet Simply Baby Prints to one lucky reader of The818. Yay Friday! Yay Free Stuff! Yay Hoot! (I had three cups of decaf this morning and I’m having a psychosomatic caffeine high!)

So what you’re looking at here is Hoot’s Simply Yours Custom Print. Kristen is a pretty amazing graphic artist, and she sits down and creates each of these custom Hoot Prints by hand. The 18×26 Prints are printed on this amazing, thick crunchy matte stock and Kristen signs each one. For her custom prints, Kristen offers a few different tiers of customization ranging from 12 letters to all 26 ~ we did 15 for our print ~ a little bit of a challenge to come up with, but I LOVE how it turned out. {Also, if you are on the ball, unlike me, and you get your print done pre-baby, or early on post-baby, Hoot can have birth-announcements done from your print!}

[U is for Across the Universe is one of my favorite phrases on the print ~ Across the Universe is what Scott and I walked down the aisle to at our wedding. Well, it’s what Scott and the bridal party walked down the aisle to, I walked down the aisle to The Theme from The Princess Bride {as interpreted by the brilliant and talented Alex Dezen on guitar} because I’m a dork. {Alex and his beautiful wife Ang WHO ARE MOVING BACK FROM IOWA ON SATURDAY AFTER TWO YEARS AWAY lent their enchanting harmonies to our Wedding Ceremony, and we are forever grateful. THIS SONG which Alex wrote is what they played after the smooch. //serious tangent. But THAT’S PART OF WHY I LOVE THIS PRINT!}]

Kristen was great to work with – she tolerated my nit-picky color fussiness, and even sent a printed proof so I could make sure it was a perfect match. Amazing. (And yes, I’m crazy.)

Okay, so here’s what I have to give away:

One 18 x 26 Hoot Design Co. Simply Baby Print which comes safely wrapped in a poster tube and ready to frame!

(pictured above ~ available in three color palates ~ you choose your favorite!)

{Jonesing for a custom print? Kristen is offering all readers 25$ off her
Simply Yours Custom Baby Print when you mention “The 818.”}

Thanks to Hoot Design Co. for sponsoring this giveaway.

UPDATE! STACY B., You’re the winner! Email me to claim your prize!

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