What’s in the Bag?! (A Hint, it’s Swag.)

So you and I met at BlogHer and I gave you one of my goodie bags.  I bet we were like best friends.   I can’t wait to see you at BlogHer12.

Anyway, the bag you’re holding… I nearly lost my marbles over this one, but as a result there are some VERY cool sposnsors who wanted to share goodies with you and help draw attention to little Miss Getty Owl  and SMA 1.  Ready to learn more?

I’ll start with the bags.  They are courtesy of the great folks at Drinkwel who have also included a sample of their genius product: A multivitamin for healthy people who like to pop open a bottle of wine after a good sweat at the gym.  Also, Mike who runs things is just a hilarious dude.  Also, there is something super fun about walking around a massive party cigarette girl style going: “Hang Over Pills?”  Those bags went like wildfire, and I love seeing that folks are already taking advantage of their Getty Downloads.

Next up? Newly launched (and thoroughly addictive) FAB.com who were kind enough to sponsor my big conference swag which isn’t the awesome floaty pens I wanted it to be, but hey, these acrylic magnets are still pretty effing cool, huh?

(The wood fetishist in me I can’t control myself from pointing out the difference between photos I took on real wood, and photos I took on hotel-furniture wood.  Blech.)

ANYWAY:  If you have one of these, I BEG you, PLEASE put it to use somewhere.  It was a serious headache to create.  But on the awesome side, you can either click that little QR code on your magnet to join FAB, or CLICK HERE for instant access + $10 credit JUST for being a reader/lurker/bumper-into-at-BlogHer of The818.

Oh, and that amazeballs design comes courtesy of Lindsay who made those vectors for me in a super tight pinch.  (Like, hammered it out in a day when my other swag plans fell throat – and I refused to use last year’s card.  Special thanks to Traci and Grama Ann Marie for helping me get those bags jammed full of getty goodies.)

So what else did folks get in their Getty Bags?  (Get it?  Like Goodie Bags…but Getty Bags…I’m so tired.)

The generous ladies at Mabel’s Labels helped make the bags possible, and gave out their kick-ass cord tags, and custom band aids, which I hear came in handy on quite a few occasions.

Doni from California Footwear rode her white steed to the rescue to round up the sponsors needed to bring the Getty Bag project to fruition.  But that wasn’t enough for her.  She wanted to do more.   Three lucky bag-getters will find golden tickets for a free pair of sandals (I wore mine THE.WHOLE.WEEKEND) and if you didn’t win, you can buy a pair of your own, and Doni will donate 20% of sales to The Getty Owl Foundation, just because she is rad.  And her insanely comfortable shoes aren’t too shabby either.

And of course, along with your SMA info sheet and Getty Owl Foundation Bracelets, you guys will find a download code for the title single of Sweet Water Child Lullabies for Getty…

Want to get involved?   Buy the album, and spread the word…check out www.lullabiesforgetty.com to find out more.

…And then there were the Four iPads generously sponsored for give away by bo.lt.


Giving away iPads is super fun.  So is giving out beautiful felt coasters.  Did you get one?

And lastly…I just wanted you to see this shot of Getty and Kate.

Because they’re beautiful.

Missed BlogHer but want one of these goodie bags?  I’ve got about 10 left that I’ll send to the first ten readers to mobilize and respond…if you guys want.   I’ll also send you a grip of Getty Bracelets to wear as your own fashion statement, or share with five friends.  And okay fine…full copies of the album instead of just a single.  TEN OF THEM. 

Share www.lullabiesforgetty.com on facebook or twitter (then leave a comment here with the link to your share so I can confirm) to be eligible.   Boom.   Insta-giveaway.  #BlogHerAtHome #OhWaitImNotOnTwitterRightNow.

38 Responses to What’s in the Bag?! (A Hint, it’s Swag.)

  1. alyssa.gavinski says:

    Here’s the link to my twitter! http://twitter.com/#!/juliane2004

  2. alyssa.gavinski says:

    edit: twitter.com/juliane2004

  3. carrien_laughs says:

    So you gave my husband one of these at the Ford party, and he showed it to me after we got home and I was all, “I can’t believe it. You got to meet her and I’m the one who knows who she is an follows her on twitter and everything.” It’s an AWESOME giveaway bag you’ve got there. Thanks for the heads up about the song.

  4. alyssagamlin says:

    What a cool giveaway! I shared it on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/alyssagamlin).

  5. MrsDivineBodies says:

    I would share this info even of there wasn’t swag involved. You have the biggest heart Morgan. https://www.facebook.com/brieshohoudy

  6. wa_tracy says:

    I put a post up on the facebook…for my 18 followers that is. :) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberating-Working-Moms-One-Voice-at-a-Time/121322704624182

    PS: I would have tagged your FB page in the post, if I could figure out how to do it…do you know?

  7. lindseyivory says:

    You are the most creative (and I love Lindsay’s design style)! I tweeted and if you send me the album, I will, of course, have to donate to the cause. @lindseyivory (I tweeted!)

  8. RaisingMadison says:

    You are so awesome Morgan. I’m all about helping in any way I can.

  9. kaylee.haggerty says:

    What a great giveaway. What a great song. Love the blog! http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/kaylee.haggerty

  10. kthour says:

    I love the fact that you spread Getty Owls words!


    Thank You!!!!!

  11. kthour says:

    FYI! I already have the album and 10 bracelets!

  12. ashleigh.burge says:

    Me me me! I just shared lullabies for getty on https://www.facebook.com/ashleigh.draft. You’re awesome, Morgan.

  13. nicci.ahrens says:

    Oh me please!

  14. kthour says:

    My comment was deleted. Was there a reason?


  15. nerdyapplebottom says:

    Ew me, me, me!

  16. toriwoods says:

    I heart your blog! What a fun bag o’ swag… you would be amazed at the mess that is my cord situation…

  17. giovanna says:

    I have to say — the Getty bag was a pretty sick piece of swag – I loved mine (and used the “hangover pills” immediately). Thanks for all the cool things, although I felt like an idiot that it took someone else to point out to me that it was a magnet (I was happy using it as a paperweight. Makes a lot more sense now).

  18. the818 says:

    @kthour I have no idea how that happened – I’m gonna blame it on my new plug in and go check it out – ghost in the machine – not me, I swear!

  19. the818 says:

    You’re awesome. @ashleigh.burge

  20. the818 says:

    @lindseyivory She kicked ass bringing those magnets to life.

  21. the818 says:

    @carrien_laughs haha – well I wish you’d been with him when I harassed him then!

  22. the818 says:

    Hope I could help! @toriwoods

  23. the818 says:

    You got a swag bag!!! Although I guess you can still win the album….because you’re so full of the awesome and stuff @nerdyapplebottom

  24. butterfly1979_ says:

    What an AMAZING cause! I’ll definitely keep spreading the word! http://twitter.com/#!/butterfly1979_/status/101865276987019264

  25. wa_tracy says:

    I think my comment was deleted too. :(

  26. the818 says:

    WTF , blog?!

  27. the818 says:

    I do know! (I had to ask someone.) You write the @ symbol in front of it and start typing the name/page you want to link to. @wa_tracy

  28. the818 says:

    @alyssagamlin Thanks Alyssa!

  29. kthour says:

    @the818 It is okay. I have been posting about Getty Owl on Facebook for the last year of reading her blog. My son loves her CD.

  30. the818 says:

    Thanks lady! @butterfly1979_

  31. Jen@MamaZen says:

    8/12/11 12:17 PM Great cause! Breaks my heart :’/ http://www.lullabiesforgetty.com

  32. HeidiParks says:

    I posted this to my wall on facebook- if you have any left! thanks :)


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  34. the818 says:

    You got it! @HeidiParks

  35. HeidiParks says:

    what do I do now? :) thanks!

  36. the818 says:

    Okay dudes, I just have to get my ass in gear and collect addresses from the first 10 commenters. Bear with me – it’s been a nutso week – but if you want to go ahead and email your info to me from the link on the sidebar – that would be a huge help!

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