Cool or Crazy: My Leopard Jeans (Yes, I Caved.)

Dear Elephant in the Room: Yes, I suck at clothes dieting.  Actually, no.  I don’t suck at it.  I am totally awesome at it, but just like a regular diet I trip up now and again.  That’s just HUMAN.  Like right now — I’m supposed to be dairy/wheat/sugar free, but I still ate pizza and calamari over Martinis last night.  That doesn’t mean I’m not still cleansing today!

Ahem.  As per usual I digress.

[Here’s me laughing at myself.  You feel free to laugh too.]

When you lay down rules about not buying anything new until you wear and/or discard everything in your over-packed closet, it doesn’t take long to start editing down.  So far, I’m finding that pretty much everything in my drawers (vs. those items which are hung) are things I never wear and could basically pack up and send to the Salvation Army without a second glance.

FREAKING FINALLY.  After pregnancy, depression, and a 100-lb journey up and down the scale…I’m finally honing in on my grown up personal style.

Shirt: Leyendecker Los Angeles
Jeans: Vanilla Stars for Target
Shoes: Sanuk
Sunglasses: Proof Eyewear
Bag: A Baggu Grocery Sac, which apparently they’re now carrying at the gap.

Also, how cool is this terrarium table garden lamp thing which generates electricity by photosynthesis from designers Biophotovaltaics?  THE FUTURE!

{via Inhabitat}

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