How Do You Know If You’re Raising An Asshole?

{My sweet baby on her first day of pre-school-camp.}

Spirited.  Spunky.  Scrappy.  Salty.  Her little personality has emerged GUNS BLAZING and if anybody had any questions about whether or not Miss Delilah George’s disposition would be as sweet as her face…IT’S NOT.

Don’t get me wrong, the girl is a snuggle bug, she’s sanguine as she wants to be ~ and no, internet, I’m most certainly NOT calling my kiddo an asshole ~ I’m just preemptively pondering…when does precocious and persistent turn in to something else entirely and how do you keep your spirited kid in line without breaking their…y’know…spirit?

My girl has quickly become my favorite companion.  She’s bright as a LED bulb and funny to boot.  But she’s also stubborn as all get out.  And if you give her a flicker of a smirk at something she shouldn’t be doing?  Forget convincing her it’s not funny.  She’s got a mind of her own, and she’s not afraid to use it.  And I love that.  Spunk runs through both sides of her family and I’d be worried if Dee wasn’t showing signs of rise-up-with-fists-ness but in favor of teaching her cool from jerk, when do I send her to her room, and when do I let her rebellious spirit fly? 

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