Dammit Life, Stop Distracting Me From My Blog.

Top 100

So, this happened this week — The818.com was called one of the Top Ten Parenting Blogs on the whole Internet by Disney Interactive and my face was the graphic for their massive list making the whole thing kind of weird and surreal. If you’re just finding me from the Babble List, here are some of my favorite parenting posts for you to check out —

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And now, our week (or two) in Instagrams —

ScottDee2We got to visit Maegan in the snow!


Dee and I went on our first plane ride to visit my sis and her girls. I wrote about it HERE.


My sweet hound Sophie collapsed with a massive tumor. After a splenectomy she’s back home with us, and we’re hoping for the best for her recovery.


See how good she looks? Will someone tell her insides to chill the fuck out on trying to kill her? I’ve had this pup since I was 20 years old and I’m not down for that at all.


I said no one could ever PAY me to drive a Minivan and then Honda called my bluff by paying me to test drive their Odyssey which is insanely awesome and now I want one.


Cousins 4EVA. We are so lucky to have these girls in our life.

How’ve you been, friends and lurkers? Ready for your holiday vacay? I hope you get more time off than I do. Self-employment provides a real conundrum come vacation days.

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