Purgeday Thursday Is BACK For Spring,
And I’ve Been Neutralized…

THEJessica“New rule. No more buying color without supervision.”– Jessica, editing my closet.

She neutralized me.  

The problem with never getting rid of anything is that unlike you, your stuff doesn’t actually mature or change. It just takes up space and/or clings to happy memories in sad ways {and by “happy memories” I mean “my body”}. The longer I spend living in this 1100 square foot slice of heaven, and the more living creatures that take up residence here along with me (as of breakfast this morning, we were up to five) the more inclined I am to get rid of ALL THE THINGS.

Especially as our life plans formulate and “die a hoarder’s death buried in your own crap” isn’t on the docket.  But I digress.

 Anyway, I am very lucky to have a Jessica in my life. She’s a fashion designer and a stylist and has known me long enough to tell me when pants make my ass look fat without worrying about hurting my feelings. We thought we’d gone through this process a year ago, but then I searched my archives for this post and discovered two years had actually passed since she last forced me to part with half my closet. {That’s the creepy thing about having a blog, archiving your life makes for constant mindfucks.} But that also explains why the things I was unwilling to part with at 29 were easy to toss aside at 31. So when she said she implored me to consider a more “sophisticated color palate” I told her that was fine with me as long as it would compliment the lavender hair I’m planning on for Summer. She said it would. I guess I’m finally starting to let go of my delusions of youth.

It’s hard though. I love my clothes. I’ve curated them over many years. So the good stuff, the Jessica-approved “still cool, but not on you” stuff went up for sale on Instagram. {Which was wildly successful, and made me feel so much less sad about parting with some of my favorite items knowing they’re going to good homes and stuff, so I’ve started a new Instagram account just for that purpose in the future. I hope you’ll join me there, since my closet ranges from sizes 2-14, I’ve got amazing amounts of stuff to get rid of and I’ve been guilty of label whoring in the past.} Here’s what I’ll be saying goodbye to at the Post Office this weekend:

Anyway, over at my Purguru’s corner of the internet {that’s professional organizer Beth of BNeato if you’re new to Purgeday Thursday this year — and if you are, might I suggest you check out the archives, where there are nuggets a plenty about getting your self and life in order, for Spring or otherwise} ahem…

Over at my Purguru’s corner of the internet, they’ve undertaken a project called 40 bags in 40 days in which you pick a spot in your house to tackle daily, and at the end of 40 days, you’ve purged your life of everything you don’t need. I love the idea. I’m late to the game.

But with Spring having officially sprung yesterday, and with it being the season of organization and all, I thought we might do our own spin on this challenge. Summer is 90 days away. That’s 90 days to get your shit in order and your crap cut before the official season of relaxing begins. (And here’s my favorite graph if you need to be reminded that getting rid of stuff is scientifically proven to help you relax.) So, here’s what I propose: We each purge five items a day for Ninety days. 450 Items out of your life by summer vacation (if you and/or your employer believe in that sort of thing). Check in here every Thursday for moral support and progress reports. The brave can link up in the comments. Ready?


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