T-Minus One Month: How’s That Purging Going?

It’s Thursday again, and if you’ve been sticking to our pact then you have purged 315 pieces of crap from your life. Congratulations, by the way.

If you haven’t been purging like you promised yourself you would — I totally feel you. I mean, I’ve purged every day if piling things by your front door or in your storage area qualifies as purging, BUT IT DOESN’T. Let’s not fool ourselves. I’ve mostly just been moving stuff around.

But that’s okay. I still have 28 days to make good on my promise to eliminate 450 items from my life by June 21st. To get my head in the de-cluttering game, I picked up a book on Space Clearing through Feng Shui which turned out to be just the ticket.

ClearClutter {available via Amazon}

Feng Shui sits atop the founding principle that all things, animate and inanimate, have energy — or as you may have heard it mocked in movies, “Chi”. Understanding Feng Shui allows you to harness the energy of everything in your home to help it to work for you rather than against you. It’s kind of like just after college when every few months I would realize that I was behind at work and my car was filled with crap and my room was a mess and I’d know it was time to clean up the physical crap so that I could get some mental space. I wasn’t practicing Feng Shui on purpose. It was just my natural instinct and it worked.

Turns out despite knowing next to nothing about Feng Shui when I bought this book (and a couple others, but I’m keeping it focused on the Crap Cutting for the moment) the philosophies Karen Kingston offers up are basically exactly what I’ve been blathering on about over all these Purgeday Thursdays. Karen calls it Space Clearing. I call it Crap Cutting. But the basic thought process is the same: Having too much crap messes with your life. Get rid of your crap, see results.

Karen also lays out these simple guidelines to define Clutter, or in this case Crap, and I found them CRAZY helpful as I’ve trickled to less than five items a day I think I’m willing to part with:

  • Things you do not use or love
  • Things that are untidy or disorganized
  • Too many things in too small a space
  • Anything unfinished

I mean, say hello to my 1100 square feet of living space with a torn up bathroom floor, a toilet in the bedroom (because of the torn up bathroom floor, not because we’re THAT lazy) and a 500 square foot basement jammed to the brim hoarder style. No wonder I’ve been having problems sorting out my Chi. It’s time to take this purging challenge in to overdrive.

So…how’s your Crap Cutting going? What are your secrets?

11 Responses to T-Minus One Month: How’s That Purging Going?

  1. I can’t stand clutter so I’m constantly getting rid of stuff. I don’t collect much and I like everything very minimal–easier said then done with kids.

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  4. myfairybread says:

    This is, what I do once a month. I take an empty carbage bag and I say to myself, that it has to be full within the next hour. So I walk around the house with the bag, searching for crap. And it is always full after 15 minutes! Sometimes I go and get another one. I have three little girls and they love to collect whatever! And all these unwanted gifts and things for free… So having explained my aproach, it doesn’t mean that it looks tidy at our home… ;-)

  5. LuAnn Braley says:

    My husband and oldest son purged today while I was out in the yard with our dogs…does that count? :p

  6. mommymita says:

    The book that always motivates me is a children’s picture book, Just Enough and Not Too Much. It is a good one to read to kids when you are purging because it can be hard for them to let go of junk. And when we are finding our way through stores and they are begging for more stuff I tell them…..”we have just enough and not too much”.

    Good luck and enjoy the freedom, space and clarity that comes from letting go!

  7. Lauren I-S says:

    I’m more overrun with kid crazy than adult stuff. Still trying to figure out how to purge (or more likely organize) that stuff. It makes me batty but the girls actually use it all and compared to most people we have comparatively little. I’m still just tired of being attacked by plastic cows and glitter pens.

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