It’s Purgeday Thursday AND The First Day Of Spring: Gird Your Loins and #CUTYOURCRAP

Do it. ( 365 days ago I had an idea.

Summer is 90 days away. That’s 90 days to get your shit in order and your crap cut before the official season of relaxing begins. (And here’s my favorite graph if you need to be reminded that getting rid of stuff is scientifically proven to help you relax.)

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So, here’s what I propose: We each purge five items a day for Ninety days. 450 Items out of your life by summer vacation.

Oh, it was ambitious. But just having the ambition felt good. I invited my readers and lurkers to join in with me, and a lot of you guys did, which was totally awesome to see. It also meant that while I failed miserably (make no mistake I purged plenty of crap, just not 450 items worth) but some of you guys did! And that makes me feel really good about giving this thing a second try.

You in? C’mon. Do it with me. We can be each other’s sponsors. You can tell me what crap you got rid of and then I can be shamed in to getting rid of all the crap I promised I would. It will be great! If you’re playing along on social media hashtag it #cutyourcrap and of course we’ll have weekly check-ins here on Thursdays to see how we’re doing.

Need help getting started? Here are some tips from the experts who have weighed in over the course of Purgeday Thursdays past —

From the early days when pro organizer Super Beth answered every question I could throw at her, specifically how to organize my insane magazine collection, and also my junk drawer.

Where a fashion designer and personal stylist tell you what makes the difference between a forever staple and a good will donation.

How Crap Cutting is not unlike the Feng Shui art of space clearing, and why that’s awesome.

I hope you’ll join me. I think this is the year I finish my own challenge. How about you?

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