My Name Is Morgan, And I’m Awkward On Video

[So awkward, yet again. I mean seriously, who sits like that? I have the posture of an 89 year old. And also I promise I don’t always speak in bizarre elevator pitch-y sound bites about myself. Only when I’m a little tipsy, really nervous, and recently spent 20 minutes lost in a back alley off of Navy Pier.]

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[my dear Katherine and I enjoying the party, while our buddy
Jenny lurks in the background clearly up to no good.]

A few weeks ago (as I think I’ve mentioned like 25 times) I went to Chicago for one of the biggest Blogging Industry events of the year — a time when bloggers, tech companies that support bloggers, and sponsors that work with bloggers all convene in a single city for three days of meetings and wining and dining and working and playing, and perhaps the cherry on the top of the sundae was Yappem’s “Awesome Party” where they gave away so much crazy stuff my head was spinning, including two $12k shopping sprees (which I did not win either of, but my friend Danielle did — they were not joking!).


[I didn’t know Danielle beyond the internet until this event. Turns out after spending a whole weekend with her I adore her so much I didn’t even end up holding her $12k prize money against her. Or steal it.]

The truth is I would have gone to the party regardless because there were so many ladies I wanted to see there who I might never have found at the hustling, bustling conference otherwise, but I also discovered that Yappem really is awesome. Hold your eyerolls. I swear, this app was made for me.


[That’s Andrea,’s Senior Manager of Blogs + Social Media. I assure you it is perfectly normal to feel inclined to hate her for being beautiful/a young successful New Yorker. You get over it eventually.]

Here’s why I seriously dig Yappem: I love to share pictures of things I’m not buying on Social Media. It’s kind of like a weird cathartic alternative to shopping — I get the satisfaction of saying “see this beautiful thing? I thought about buying it. And if I did I you would have complimented me on it, but I’m trying to be fiscally responsible so you can just go head and comment on this photo instead and tell me what excellent taste I have. My wallet thanks you.” I mean, who doesn’t love doing that? 

…Okay fine, I’ve been known to do that with things I DO buy too. It’s like a compulsion of some kind. Even as a child when someone would compliment something of mine I’d answer with “Thanks, Limited Too, on sale $12.”

While the stores may have changed, the habit has not. I’ve also been known to tell you which season I bought it in and where you might be able to find it on back stock. A sickness, I know.


[Me all giddy to be talking to actual humans outside of the computer, not to mention that I was finally putting faces to names of the team from Sway Group.]

Anyway, what rules about Yappem is that I can do that and earn points for it which turn in to actual real world cash money that I can then use to buy more things guilt free. I mean, I know I’m trying not to acquire more things, but cash money buys experiences too, and when you have a tiny little toddler brain to fill experiences are as good as gold. (Did that make any sense at all? I’m just so excited about the sharing and the discovering and the free stuff.)

In conclusion, I’m super in to it. I’ve been window shopping with it all over town. And now, Yappem has given me my very own community where we can all convene together and share cool things and earn cash money to our hearts contents. Join me, won’t you?


You can tell I got along with the guys from Yappem because I’m still talking to them after all the pictures and videos of my killer dance moves they’ve uploaded to the internet.


Also the party was co-hosted by my friends and generally awesome women Barbara from One2One and Liz & Kristen from Cool Mom Picks/Cool Mom Tech, so that was a huge bonus. That’s Barbara and Liz giving out the sick (in the good way) prizes. Which I didn’t win. But that’s fine because they numbed my sadness with champagne and bright lights.

Anyway, join Yappem. It pays. Literally. And join me as I try not to buy everything in sight. My shopaholism is at least good for a laugh.

[A big thanks to Yappem for sponsoring this post and inviting me to their party. Next time try rigging the giveaways in my favor guys.]

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